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21 Challenges – Embracing our differences in a globalised world

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26 / 01 / 18

Throughout 2018, 3FF is running the 21 Challenges for 21 Years campaign, to celebrate our 21st anniversary.  This promises to be an exciting series of fundraising events in which 21 individuals are undertaking a challenge to help raise money on behalf of 3FF. To support and promote our fundraisers, 3FF will be running a series of blog posts throughout the coming months to highlight their efforts and motivations behind taking part in these events.

Kate Pollock is participating in the London Landmarks Half Marathon in March. She saw this as an excellent opportunity to combine two areas that she is passionate about, supporting interfaith dialogue and running!

This is also an opportunity for her to gain a new experience as she has never participated in a marathon event before. She is also excited about the energy that will be generated by the other runners and to be able to take in the sights of London.

Kate identified the increase in globalisation as being one of the key factors that inspired her to undertake a challenge for 3FF.  She stated,

“I think 3FF’s vision is important as globalisation increases, we are more in contact with people far different from us, there is much misunderstanding, stereotyping, and incomplete facts circulating in the media and popular culture.”

She therefore believes that it has become increasingly important for us as a society to foster more interfaith and intercultural dialogue. Providing a space for these conversations to take place is crucial in allowing us to discuss our differences and share stories about how our faiths and beliefs guide us through our lives. By doing so, we have the opportunity to discover how “our spiritual journeys are very alike rather than different.

She particularly feels that 3FF’s focus on working with young people and exposing them to dialogue “is vital as it allows them to ask questions and hear stories directly from people who practice and believe differently from them.” By discussing these matters, they will be able to challenge the stereotypes that are perpetuated by the media. This is crucial in creating a society where community, cohesion and togetherness are the cornerstone.

3FF is delighted that Kate will be representing the organisation in the London Landmarks Half Marathon and bringing attention our shared values to a wider audience.  3FF really would not be able to operate without the valuable and selfless efforts of these individuals whose commitment to helping foster a unified community and to breaking down barriers between individuals from different faiths and backgrounds is a fundamental part of our work.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Kate and encourage others to please donate to her fundraising page.

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