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21 Challenges – Overcoming obstacles in support of interfaith

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09 / 02 / 18

Gianluca is taking on Tough Mudder for 3FF! This 21 Challenges blog looks at what is in store for Gianluca and reflects on the values he shares with 3FF.

3FF is excited by the wide variety of challenges our fundraisers have decided to take on as part of our ‘21 Challenges for 21 Years’ campaign. The difficulty of these challenges demonstrates their commitment to advancing our common objectives of dialogue and cohesion between people from different faiths and beliefs.

Gianluca Castellazzi is participating in an endurance-based event, Tough Mudder. To overcome the challenge, he will be taking on a range of obstacles and challenging trials including a 10-mile race and mud…. a lot of mud!

Tough Mudder requires a great deal of strength and stamina, which will no doubt make it both physically and mentally challenging. However, it was precisely this aspect which appealed to Gianluca because the qualities required to complete the race are well suited to his skill set. He stated, “I chose to run Tough Mudder because my friends thought it was a challenge that would fit me the most, as it requires endurance and strength to be able to overcome the many obstacles along the race.” This is also the first time that Gianluca has ever taken part in Tough Mudder and run a 10-mile race. He is therefore excited by the opportunity to gain several new experiences in a unique event.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to fundraise for an organisation that he shares common values with. After initially being introduced to 3FF by a friend of his who works at the organisation, he carried out some research into the work that 3FF does and found that he shares common values with the organisation. In describing his views on 3FF, he stated, “I found myself concordant with their causes and in my opinion the work they do can really make a change for our future.” He was particularly impressed by the grassroots work that is carried out in schools and at universities, which he believes is crucial in bringing our society closer together.

Gianluca is also already looking forward to taking on more challenges later this year and we hope that he will have great success in these challenges but above all that he has fun!

Please support Gianluca by donating to his fundraising page.

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