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3FF day: celebrating diversity – and our 15th anniversary


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01 / 06 / 12

On 1st June 2012, 3FF marked its 15th anniversary with 3FF Day: A day of inter-communal action and education between people of all faiths and beliefs.

Over 500 students from 15 schools across London took part in activities teaching them about different faiths and beliefs and improving their intercultural communication skills.

The day showcased the innovative programmes our education officers run in schools every week to enable young people to communicate sensitively, confidently and effectively with people from different backgrounds.

The events were visited by the Mayors of Barnet, Camden, Islington and Westminster, as well as others eager to learn from 3FF’s education methods.

Quotes and messages from the day

“The 3FF aim of building understanding and positive relationships between people of all faiths and beliefs is vital for the future of our countries and our world. We applaud the work of 3FF and send our warmest good wishes for a successful day of celebration across London on 1st June.” – The Religious Education Council of England and Wales

“The RE Council commends the Three Faith Forum on putting on this day to celebrate interfaith learning. Such learning is vital to the health of our society as well as personally enriching to those who take part in it. As Chair, I am very sorry not be able to come and join the celebration with you, but hope that you all have a great day.” – John Keast OBE

“Events such as this have a very important role to play in helping foster better understanding and to celebrate the truly varied nature of our borough. The more people understand each other’s faiths the more chance we stand of having a peaceful world for future generations.” – Brian Schama, Mayor of Barnet

“It is wonderful to see students interacting on 3FF Day. I believe that it is important in our diverse society to be able to live in harmony and respect other religions.” –Jilani Chowdhury, Mayor of Islington

“Congratulations to 3FF for being the catalyst for bringing people together, and schools. Camden and Brent have very diverse communities and we should value those. When we value difference we realise how close we can all be. I hope you can learn from today and bring what you have learnt into the future.” – Heather Johnson, Mayor of Camden

“I have never seen a facilitator so inclusive of non-religious beliefs as well as religious ones.” – Andrew Copson, Chief Executive, British Humanist Association

Students said:

“I learnt not to judge people’s beliefs and religions, because it’s their choice what they choose!!” – Elizabeth

“I think that this session has changed the way I will ask people questions about their beliefs. Happy Birthday and I hope you keep on doing a great job and shaping young minds for the future.” — Joey

“I was inspired, I will tell my friends and colleagues about how important its (3FF’s) work is in increasing understanding between different people.”

“I had a wonderful time meeting new people and learning new things. I will never forget this experience and wish I could do it again.”

“I really enjoyed it! I want to meet them again and I’ve learnt that our similarities outweigh our differences.”

“I felt very special because I was a part of this project; I know I will never forget this amazing experience. I thank 3FF with all my heart and I wish to do it again. Thank you.”


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