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3FF named Camden Mayor’s charity of the year



13 / 06 / 14

3FF, the Three Faiths Forum, has been chosen by the newly elected Mayor of Camden as his charity of the year. New Mayor Councillor Lazzaro Pietragnoli announced the decision at his inauguration ceremony at Camden Town Hall on Wednesday 11 June.

3FF works to break down the barriers that divide people from different backgrounds and help them learn from each other in meaningful ways. The organisation’s programmes in schools and universities and arts events challenge negative attitudes and help to create positive relations between people from different backgrounds and beliefs, both religious and non-religious.

Councillor Pietragnoli said:

“Camden is a place of great cultural diversity so I’m delighted to be working with 3FF to help fundraise for their Urban Dialogues programme which brings people from all cultures and walks of life together through the arts”

Stephen Shashoua, 3FF’s Director, said:

“As a Camden-based charity we know how rewarding it can be to live among people of different cultures and beliefs. But we also know we have to work to make sure we create positive connections between people. Selecting 3FF as the charity of the year shows the high importance the Mayor places on good intercultural relations in Camden, and we’re very excited to work with him.”

3FF’s intercultural choir the Mixed Up Chorus performed at the inauguration ceremony, signalling the start of a year where the organisation’s arts and culture programme Urban Dialogues will be at the heart of its work with the Mayor.

Councillor Pietragnoli will be taking over from the previous Mayor Councillor Jonathan Simpson, and his Mayoress will be Daniela Pears.

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