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3FF partnership with The Albion Foundation



26 / 01 / 18

3FF are excited to announce we will be working on a new programme in collaboration with The Albion Foundation called ‘Our Albion’.

The Albion Foundation uses the power of football to make a difference, raise aspirations, grow their people and participants and connect West Bromwich Albion Football Club with its communities.

Our Albion is funded through the Premier League Innovation Fund and seeks to celebrate the club’s history of being pioneers of inclusivity and diversity whilst supporting schools and students to engage in SMSC and British Values through interactive workshops at West Bromwich Albion Football ground, The Hawthorns.

During the programme students experience two workshops and a tour of the stadium. The Albion Foundation deliver a workshop looking at the ‘Three Degrees’; Laurie Cunningham, Brendon Batson and Cyrille Regis – three West Bromwich Albion footballers credited with inspiring a generation of black professional players in the UK. The workshop explores the prejudices these players faced in the 1970’s and how we can prevent this in the future.

3FF deliver a workshop on identity called ‘Who Am I’; this workshop introduces the themes of diversity and interfaith, exploring what values and behaviours will help us build positive relations with people who are different. Through creating their own “identity backpack”, students can reflect on their own identity and build empathy towards others.

Rich Pringle, Programmes Coordinator, West Midlands said:

“We are really excited to work with The Albion Foundation on this programme. West Bromwich Albion have a fantastic history of being pioneers for inclusivity and continue to celebrate diversity throughout the club today. Football clubs have a huge influence in society and their players, past and present, are role models to young people. Working together on this programme we hope we can break down barriers and get students to celebrate diversity.”

Katie Grainger, Our Albion Coordinator said:

“The Albion Foundation have the same vision for the local community as 3FF, we always aim to deliver the highest quality in all our sessions. Coaches have been able to access expertise in this field to enhance our own knowledge.”

One teacher commented:

“This was a great day, staff were brilliant. All the children enjoyed the experience, but it was also very relevant with our schools ethos and the promotion of British Values.”

One student commented:

“I can’t believe that people are mistreated because of the colour of their skin. The Three Degrees taught me that everyone should be able to play football. Racism hurts people’s feelings and makes them feel left out.”

Our Albion first piloted during Black History Month last October but from January will run weekly with the aim of engaging 540 students. In addition to this we have also been able to combine our School linking programme with Our Albion. Four schools have had the opportunity to hold their first Link Day at the Hawthorns and experience the programme.

See below the launch video for the programme during Black History Month.


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