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3FF welcomes new experts



01 / 04 / 11

sidebar_171We are pleased to announce that Farmida Bi and Lee Turkel have decided to lend their skills and experience to the 3FF cause.

Farmida Bi has joined the 3FF trustees. She is a partner in the globally acclaimed Islamic finance group at the London office of leading international law firm, Norton Rose LLP and is a recognised expert in the innovative Islamic capital markets field.

Farmida is a graduate of Downing College, Cambridge and qualified as a solicitor in 1992 and as a New York attorney in 1999. Farmida is married to Richard Furniss, a barrister, and has two sons aged 7 and 4.

She said: “In these difficult times it is vital for people of faith to focus on what they have in common rather than on their points of difference.”

Lee Turkel joins 3FF as our Honorary Financial Director. Lee has had a varied career in finance, working both in the City of London and on Wall Street at institutions including ING Barings and Chase Manhattan Bank. She is a graduate of Princeton University in the US, and came to the UK in 1991. She is married to Simon Connell, and has a daughter aged 7 and a son aged 6.

Lee said about joining 3FF: “I strongly believe that interfaith education and interaction are absolutely critical in ensuring true harmony in our rich, multi-ethnic society. I am delighted to be contributing towards the ongoing success of this dynamic and vital organization.”

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