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A platform for our voices to be heard

Interfaith Voices

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21 / 06 / 18

This months Interfaith Voices is celebrating Pride Month with the theme ‘Taking pride in my faith’. In this edition Gaura reflects on the meeting of faith and sexuality and how LGBT+Faith is a discussion that can be complex, but is necessary. He reflects on attending The Faith & Belief Forum’s LGBT+Faith training and how this project is opening up a necessary discussions with professional bodies to allow for a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

The meeting of faith, sexuality and gender identity might sound strange. Even more so in light of the persecution and prejudice that LGBT+ people often face in the name of religion. In my experience the question asked is how can anyone who is LGBT+ also be a person of faith? To some people, both identities appear incompatible, beyond reconciliation. 

The conversation surrounding this remains as complex, layered and nuanced as ever and joining the discussion The Faith & Belief Forum (F&BF) recently launched its LGBT+Faith project, to train organisations and charities on how to better accommodate LGBT+ people of faith. As an intern at F&BF, I was able to observe and participate in one of these training sessions earlier in the year.  

From the start, the training allowed for those with lived experience of LGBT+ and faith to take precedent, providing a platform for their voices to be heard. Towards the end, we watched short five-minute video interviews giving individuals a chance to tell their story and advise professionals on how to be more inclusive. Another great moment was the opportunity to exchange and share ideas on how to organize LGBT+ interfaith events to be more inclusive and welcoming to all. 

Clearly, this will remain a topic of discussion for many years, if not generations, to come. But F&BF’s LGBT+Faith project is doing more than just speaking or shouting – it is actually moving the conversation forward and creating a space where meaningful dialogue can flourish and grow.

Read more about the LGBT+Faith programme.

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