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We were founded in 1997 as the Three Faiths Forum. Over the years our work has expanded to include people of all faiths and beliefs, both religious and non-religious. In 2018, we changed our name to the Faith & Belief Forum to better reflect this inclusive ethos.



The Three Faiths Forum founded by Sir Sigmund Sternberg, Sheikh Dr Zaki Badawi and Revd Dr Marcus Braybrooke to encourage friendship, goodwill and understanding between people of different faiths, especially between Muslims, Christians and Jews. The Three Faiths Forum was the first forum of its kind and provided completely new opportunities for people from these faiths to address issues together.


Started Schools work

Started our Schools work to enable students to meet and learn about people of different faiths and beliefs. Our workshops and linking programme now work with schools across the country, and has won several awards.


Launched ParliaMentors

Launched ParliaMentors, our leadership programme for university students. Over 450 students have graduated from the programme since then, and now help bring people from different backgrounds together in the sectors they work in.


Launched Arts, Culture and Community work

Our Arts, Culture and Community work was launched, to engage artists and young professionals in the work of building bridges between communities. We have run several art exhibitions and dialogue events and launched an intercultural choir.


Started Internship Programme

Started our Internship Programme to give people a way to further their careers by providing valuable experience in the charity sector, and opportunities to do hands-on interfaith work.


Launched Training and Consultancy work

Launched our Training and Consultancy work, and have since used our award-winning methods to provide expert training to organisations across the UK and the rest of the world – including in Berlin, Stockholm, Jerusalem, New York City and Rangoon.


Ran the first Interfaith Summit

Ran the first Interfaith Summit, an annual youth-led event organised by alumni of our ParliaMentors programme, giving people of different faiths and beliefs opportunities to connect, explore, and act, together.


Re-named Faith & Belief Forum

Changed our name to the Faith & Belief Forum, to clearly communicate that we are completely inclusive and welcome to people of all faiths and beliefs, whether religious or not.

Our work has received numerous awards over the years, including:

  • 2009: UN Award for Intercultural Innovation for our Schools work
  • 2010: UN Award for Intercultural Innovation for ParliaMentors
  • 2014: The Mayor of Camden’s Charity of the Year
  • 2014: Doha International Interfaith Award
  • 2014: The Shap Award for our Schools work

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