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The Charter for Faith & Belief Inclusion

We are inviting organisations across the UK to help us create understanding between people of different faiths and beliefs and bring our communities closer together. This Charter will establish a network of supportive organisations who believe in a diverse society which is welcoming to all people, of all backgrounds and beliefs.

The principles of the Charter for Faith & Belief Inclusion:

  1. We believe in an inclusive society where people of different faiths and beliefs have strong and positive relations. We believe that intolerance has no place in our communities or workplaces, and that diversity adds value to our society.
  2. By connecting people of different faiths and beliefs, we can create a society which is fair to people of all backgrounds – religious and non-religious. We encourage people to engage more across differences and learn to understand each other better.
  3. We recognise the need to create a more open conversation about faith and belief in our communities and in all of the UK. We will have these conversations in a spirit of mutual respect and curiosity, and be open to different perspectives.

Signatories of the Charter commit to working together in a spirit of partnership to promote good relations between people of different beliefs in our communities, workplaces and wider society.

Please fill in the form below on behalf of your organisation to register your interest in becoming a signatory of the Charter. We will get in touch with you to complete the signup process.

The Charter is supported by

Faith Network 4 Manchester

Judaism for Schools

The Open Centre

Voice of Salam

Westminster Interfaith

Women’s Interfaith Network (WIN)

YMCA North Staffordshire





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