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Aviva Community Fund Success



14 / 05 / 20

Teaching against Hate Training Programme, a CPD course for teachers, raises £1000 with Aviva Community Fund

For over four years, Aviva have been running their Community Fund which helps charities up and down the country to raise the money they need to make their amazing initiatives a reality. This year, we wanted to raise money for our teacher training programme – ‘Teaching Against Hate’ – that upskills and provides support to teachers so that they can foster classrooms that celebrate diversity and enable students to engage with questions of faith, belief, and identity.

The Aviva Community Fund brings people together through the power of giving. Charities and organisations are able to raise money for their vital services, members of the general public are able to support and donate, and Aviva employees are each given funding to donate to a charity of their choice. This means that charities have a unique opportunity to raise money for the causes they work for!

Our experience with Aviva was not only positive as we raised money for an important cause, but it also acted as a platform for supporters to let us know what they thought of our work:


“Really important that we teach our future generation about tolerance and understanding of other beliefs or people with different backgrounds. Keep up the great work I’m sure you do.”

“Amazing and much-needed work!”

“What a wonderful project. I’ve noted the end date for this in my diary so I can check you’ve been successful with your target! I have every faith :)”


The support from the Aviva team was great. We received prompts, advice, and support from the team regularly and the process of signing up itself was simple. At every turn, Caroline and Lucy ensured we had all the tools to raise the funds for the causes we believe in.

Thank you, Aviva Community Fund!

To find out more about the great projects that are currently fundraising (including COVID-19 relief projects) click here for more details. You can also explore more of our F&BF programmes here.



Article by Rakin Sayed, F&BF’s Fundraising Officer

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