Client Agreement: F&BF Workplace Programmes

  • Both parties agree to:

    • Work together to achieve the goal of a more inclusive workplace for colleagues and clients of different faith and belief backgrounds

    • Fulfil the project with all due care, skill, and ability

    • Provide a key liaison person during the term of this agreement

    • Respond appropriately to any feedback or concerns

    • Not use or disclose to any person either during or at any time after the project any confidential information about the affairs of the other organisation, or about any other confidential matters. Confidential information means any information or matter which is not in the public domain

    The Faith & Belief Forum agrees to:

    • Deliver a meaningful, educational and professional experience

    • Inform the client immediately if there are any changes to the agreed programme

    • Keep in place appropriate safeguarding policies for working with vulnerable people, and undertake appropriate pre-employment checks for staff and volunteers working on this project, including enhanced DBS checks where appropriate

    • Provide an impact report at the end of the project, sharing feedback from participants gathered throughout the project

    The client agrees to:


    • Make payments for all services within 30 days of receipt of invoice, which will be sent upon completion of all agreed deliverables


    • Give as much relevant information as possible during the booking process

    • Inform F&BF of any specific needs or issues that might affect the running of the project e.g. language and ability levels of the group, any interfaith tensions or relevant incidents


    • Take responsibility for booking participants onto events, including organising and circulating joining links for online events

    • Share participant lists with F&BF at least three working days prior to events

    • Co-operate with F&BF team members in creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. This includes ensuring that F&BF team members are shown respect at all times and that disruptions are minimised

    Cancellation or changes

    • Inform F&BF via email 15 working days before an event date in case of cancellation or a change in timings

    • If an activity agreed as part of this package is cancelled with less than 15 days' notice, pay the full activity costs

    Intellectual Property

    • All Intellectual Property Rights for webinar and training materials belong to F&BF

    • F&BF content, methodologies, activities, resources, and the F&BF brand will:

    o not be reproduced or adapted except with F&BF’s express permission

    o be used only in the context of the project, and not on behalf of other organisations or in an individual capacity


    • Monitoring and evaluation is an essential part of F&BF’s programme delivery. We are grateful for the client’s support in this important area by: ensuring participants complete evaluations on the day of events and/or circulating our online post-event surveys where applicable

  • Confirmation