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Ed Miliband’s speech at ParliaMentors Breakfast



03 / 09 / 14

3FF Induction
ParliaMentors students taking selfies with Miliband

Ed Miliband took time out of his busy schedule to meet 3FF’s ParliaMentors students at the beginning of September.

He welcomed the new students to Parliament, and wished them all the best for the year ahead. He paid tribute to the Three Faiths Forum for creating the ParliaMentors initiative which brings together young people from different faiths and backgrounds to work on projects over the course of year under the mentorship of a Member of Parliament or a Peer .

Addressing the students, Ed Miliband said;

3FF Induction
Past and present students on the programme

I know that Parliament can be a slightly odd place at times – I still find it so even after having been here for nearly 10 years. But it is a fascinating place and I think it’s a huge opportunity for you. It is a great badge of honour for you that you are taking part in the Three Faiths Forum initiative.

As we know from events this summer and as we know from our history, we live in a complex and difficult world. And I believe that we live in a world that would be a better world with understanding, with a sense of different people’s backgrounds. Some of the biggest barriers we face in our world are ones of ignorance and actually understanding the cultures and faiths of others. Understanding those with no faith and a faith. I think it’s incredibly important to the future of our world and that’s why I think it’s so important that the Three Faiths Forum brings together young people to do that.

Ed finished by wishing the participants all the best and said that he was looking forward to hearing the outcomes of their projects which were important.

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