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Encountering Faiths and Beliefs on ZOOM!


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27 / 05 / 20

Sarah, the programmes manager for Education & Learning and Evi, our Education Consultant shared personal stories of their lived experience of their faith and belief journeys as part of an online Encountering Faiths and Beliefs (EFB) workshops.

This was led by F&BF and expertly facilitated by Siobhan, a coordinator from the Movement Building team, as part of Open Iftar’s Zoom event during Ramadan.

It was incredible to speak, and enable over 72 participants the chance to experience the beauty of an EFB. There was a real sense of engagement throughout and the questions asked to the speakers were thought provoking and respectful. Both Sarah and Evi reflected on how surprisingly intimate the workshop still felt, that speaking from their homes instead of in person was still nerve-wracking!  However, conversations with participants through questioning and feedback received, enabled them to forget where they were and fully immerse themselves in the workshop as they would delivering for example in Schools face to face with a room full of students.

We are planning how we can do more online workshops and create an offer for schools, where it may be a while still that we cannot deliver in person.

Find out more about our education workshops.

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