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Academics and policy makers perception of Religion and Worldviews Focus Group

24th Nov 2021
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm


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This focus group from the Faith and Belief Forum, in partnership with Culham St Gabriel Trust, the Open University and Inform at King’s College London, will explore your attitudes to Religion and Worldviews. The focus group is for policy makers in education and religious education and for academics in departments of the study of education, religion and RE.

Religion and Worldviews education is a recommendation that emerged out of the Commission for Religious Education in 2018. The project involves targeted focus groups consisting of stakeholders outside the classroom (i.e. not teachers or pupils) who will explore the opportunities, barriers and challenges associated with implementing Religion and Worldviews education.

This is an exciting opportunity for participants to have a say in the future of education in England. It is an opportunity to engage in young people’s education and contribute to pupils’ learning in the classroom, specifically in the realm of the religious education classroom. Your views will be taken into account and make a valuable part of this consultation process.

The focus group will be held on 24th November on Zoom from 4.30-6pm.

To register your interest or ask a question please email: anna.lockley-scott@faithbeliefforum.org or amy.ark@faithbeliefforum.org.

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