Artistic Collaborator – Volunteer Role

The Faith & Belief Forum works towards a society where people of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds belong equally.

We create spaces where people can meet others different from themselves and engage in discussion about belief, identity, and action. But we can’t do it on our own.

Our volunteers play an absolutely central role in enabling us to do our work. Every person who signs up to volunteer actively brings us one step closer to achieving our vision.

We are currently recruiting an artistic collaborator

This year F&BF will be hosting the 6th London Faith & Belief Community Awards at the iconic Westminster Abbey. To mark this special occasion, we are looking for an artist or collective to produce a creative output that will contribute to our aims of leveraging exposure for the interfaith sector as a whole and championing faith and belief-inclusive initiatives across London. 

The full role description can be viewed here: Artist-Volunteer.pdf

To apply, please click here

What our volunteers say:

‘Being part of the F&BF team has been so special and rewarding, and I feel truly honoured to have been not only part of the development, but also to experience London’s first ever Interfaith Fun Run.

I saw both familiar and new faces, friends, and networks from my own faith community and from wider communities, and it was wonderful to feel the positivity radiate around the stadium, whilst also making new friends and connections.’ – Josephine 

‘Volunteering at the Interfaith Fun Run allowed me to get involved in my local and wider community in a way that I never could’ve before. It felt so powerful and inspiring to be part of the team providing this event, and I look forward to doing it again!” – Nick 

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