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Exploring Interfaith Dialogue in Luxembourg

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29 / 04 / 22

Last month Josephine Davidoff, F&BF’s Donor Relations Assistant, attended the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society for a week of jam-packed interfaith dialogue experiences and lectures as part of the Dialogue Perspectives Religion & World Views 21/22 cohort. Here is her blog experience:

I had the unique privilege to join over seventy inspiring interfaith students and activists from across Europe to discuss, share our own faith experiences and build bridges of understanding, as well as ways forward to create change in our communities. I was particularly looking forward to reconnecting with friends and connections from diverse cultures, beliefs, and identities, to learn together and broaden our horizons.

Some particular highlights for me were exploring the beautiful city of Luxembourg, including the religious and historical sights. In particular, I enjoyed meeting the local heads of the local religious communities. We joined the small Jewish community of Esch-sur-Alzette, to hear from Eleanor Sharpston, Former Advocate General in the Court of Justice of the European Union about her life in law.

We also heard from Mr. Eric Risch, General Secretary of the Assemblée de la Communauté Musulmane du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg and learning about the small Muslim community’s practices and experiences, living in majority Catholic country, which was really fascinating.

It was also an honour to attend a prestigious dinner with many high-level community leaders and Ministers. We also had the unique opportunity to hear from Mr D. Hummel, Legal Secretary, and Dr. Juliane Kokott, Advocate General in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), as well as a lecture from Pr Dr Jean Ehret on “Discussing theological perspectives on Interreligious Dialogue.”

Lastly, I always appreciate and enjoy being able to join peers in their weekly religious rituals. This time, being welcomed to the Esch synagogue for Sabbath prayers, to hearing the Jumma prayers with my Muslim peers, to leading the Jewish Havdalah service on Saturday evening, and finally attending a truly breath-taking Christian Euchaminical service in the serene natural woodland on the Sunday.

Being alongside my peers throughout the intense, yet highly stimulating week was what made it so enjoyable and memorable, and I cannot wait for the next conference in June 2022!

About the author: Josephine Davidoff is a young British Jew and interfaith activist, of Ashkenazi and Bukharian heritage. She is deeply passionate about social inclusion and dialogue, as well as all things dog (greyhound) related! She currently works as Donor Relation Assistant in the Income Generation and Engagement Team at F&BF.

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