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04 / 02 / 21

‘Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life.’ These are the words of Harbajan Singh Yogi, the Indian-born-American yoga teacher, spiritual teacher, and entrepreneur. Lockdowns have tested this tuning process, disrupting our routines, and throwing many into chaotic and destabilising environments.

Whilst it is important to recognise the critical role that lockdowns play in containing and fighting Covid-19, it is also important to understand their impact on mental health.  Mental health charity Mind’s daily website views rose from 9,580 on January 4 to 14,167 after the announcement of the third lockdown. Andy Burnham, the Greater Manchester mayor and F&BF Champion, says ‘there is a mental health crisis and people are crying out for support‘. Reports find that many children and young people are struggling to cope. And last week it was announced that alcohol-related fatalities are at their highest level since records began in 2001, according to official Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures.

Against this background it is heartening to see the positive response to our Fitness, Faith and Feeling Good campaign launched this week, a series of open-access events from Gospel dance to Buddhist meditation. These events are run by a wide variety of faith-based organisations, coming together to contribute to the need to keep our bodies and minds healthy. It is particularly apt to see so many faith and belief groups working together on this given that this week is World Interfaith Harmony Week.

At F&BF we also recognise that mental health is not just a ‘pandemic issue’. The lockdowns have accentuated something that has gained increased visibility in recent years. Like faith and belief, mental health is something that is often hard to discuss but central to who we are. And like faith and belief, it intersects with broader notions of diversity and inclusion. Indeed, taking a holistic approach to identity and inclusion lies at the heart if our approach to interfaith, which is why we have, amongst other things, a programme on LGBT and Faith and have this week signed up to the Race at Work Charter.

We all need to connect with others – for our own well-being and that of others. Not only with those familiar to us, but with those who are different. It enriches us and helps us ‘play life well.’  I’m looking forward to the self-reflection workshop run by the Delicate Mind!

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