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Faith Inclusion in the Workplace: The Faith & Belief Forum partners with OVO Energy

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Siobhán Anderson

15 / 11 / 21

By Alessandro Storer and Siobhán Anderson

At OVO we talk a lot about the importance of Belonging, and we have amazing Networks that help sustain that conversation day in and day out. They cover a range of topics and identities, ranging from gender, to age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, mental health, disability, and beliefs.

Today I’d like to focus on one in particular: belief.

Whether a belief is religious, philosophical or ideological, it will influence how someone lives their life or perceives the world around them, but it shouldn’t affect their sense of Belonging.

This is why the OVO Believe Network exists to make sure all religions and beliefs are represented, respected and celebrated at OVO.

The OVO Believe Network is important because everyone has some belief. Sharing our beliefs within a team results in a comfortable environment where you feel valued. When you feel valued you know you Belong.  Partnering with The Faith and Belief Forum will assist in achieving our goal of Belonging.” Jag Jethwa, OVO Believe Network Lead

We know we have some way to go to get us to that place. And we know we can’t get there without help. This is why today we officially launch our partnership with the Faith & Belief Forum, the UK’s leading interfaith organisation.

The Faith & Belief Forum works with workplaces, schools, universities, and community groups to create a connected and supportive society where people of different faiths, beliefs and cultures have strong, productive, and lasting relationships.

“F&BF are really excited to be partnering with OVO over the coming year to create spaces for vital conversations and learning about faith, belief and belonging in the workplace. Everyone has something to offer to these conversations, so we hope as many staff as possible at OVO will get involved” Siobhán Anderson, Programmes Coordinator at The Faith & Belief Forum

In our diverse society, being able to work well with colleagues and clients of different faith, belief, and cultural backgrounds is of the utmost importance. This includes being able to communicate about differences productively and meaningfully, and having the knowledge to meet different needs in our work.

Over the next year or so, OVO will be embarking on a journey to help us build the interfaith and intercultural awareness and communication skills we need to be the best place to work, with a focus on practical results.

“Our values at OVO reflect our passion to change the world. That’s why we always ‘find a better way’, ‘do what’s right’ and ‘build something great’. It starts with our people and we’re on a journey to create a place of work where everybody belongs. I’m delighted to have The Faith & Belief Forum with us on our journey.” Gareth Wood, OVO Believe Network Sponsor

Through a combination of events, training and bespoke consultancy, this partnership will allow OVO to:

  • Build greater awareness of different faiths, beliefs, festivals, and practices
  • Build confidence in having conversations around faith and belief diversity
  • Explore how the workplace can be more inclusive for colleagues of different faith and belief backgrounds

Of course this is just one of many things the OVO Believe Network are doing to help us build Belonging.

Thank you for reading this blog. But remember: Actions speak louder than words! So please act, engage, learn, and help us build workplaces for everyone!


If you’d like to know more about these or other Belonging initiatives at OVO, please drop us a line at belonging@ovoenergy.com

To enquire about training and consultancy for your workplace, please contact siobhan@faithbeliefforum.org

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