Faith & Belief Community Awards – Nomination Form

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  • Thank you for making a nomination for the 6th London Faith & Belief Community Awards. The deadline for nominations is 5th August.

    Before completing the nomination form, please have a look at the award categories and guidelines to make sure the project is eligible for an award.

    You can nominate your own work or the work of others.

    We are committed to supporting applicants to make the best nomination they can. If you need alternative formats to make a nomination, additional help or if you would like to discuss your work before making a nomination, please contact Jessica by email or call 07947 118 437.

  • About the project you are nominating

  • Please also include the name of the organisation, if you are nominating a project that is part of a larger organisation or body
  • Please leave this blank if this is not applicable to you or if unknown. This is a seven-digit number that can usually be found at the bottom of the charity’s website. You can also find this by searching the charity's name on the charity commission website here .
  • Please choose an option from the drop down menu below. We want to make sure that we receive nominations from across London. This information can usually be found under in the charity’s address or in their listing on the Charity Comission website here .
  • Who is the best person to contact about this nomination (this may be you!)
  • What is their role in the project?
  • Please share their email address.
  • Please share their best phone number to contact them on.
  • Please share the website and social media accounts of the project. This will help provide further information on their work and may strengthen the nomination.
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