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Future leaders meet on the Parliamentors programme



01 / 10 / 10

sidebar_183Over the last three years 3FF has given undergraduate students wanting to make a difference a rare opportunity to bring about real social change. By giving them access to political experts, skills-building workshops and – most importantly – their own MP mentor, 3FF has helped these young change-makers deliver some truly inspirational social action projects.

Supported by the Pears Foundation, the Undergraduate ParliaMentors programme entered its fourth year in September, bringing together 45 students with original, and sometimes radical, ideas for challenging injustice and improving society. Over two days at an induction event in North London, they got to know each other and distilled their ideas into concrete plans of action.

One student commented:

“The sessions enabled me to feel more comfortable telling my own story for both personal and professional reasons. I also got some great practical ideas about how to go about planning our project.”

sidebar_182The students were then separated into trios with one Muslim, one Christian and one Jewish member. Over the next months these trios will be working out novel and effective ways to raise awareness and inspire real change surrounding the issues they’re passionate about. During their second term they will be mentored by a Parliamentarian as they turn these ideas into reality and deliver their own social action projects.

In the words of one student:

“I had an incredible time and met some really inspiring people at the induction event. I’m really glad everyone was so welcoming and understanding, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the year on the programme.”

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