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06 / 09 / 17

I applied to the ParliaMentors internship at 3FF in September 2016 to gain some much-needed experience in the interfaith world and learn some practical skills to complement my academic studies. As a theology student at Heythrop College, I had studied the history and theology of interreligious dialogue and saw 3FF as an amazing opportunity to work with people who put all the theory into practice.                

Working at 3FF has given me access to networks and events, helped me develop my ideas and gain experience that would not be possible through my academic studies alone. During my first three months, I attended the Women’s Interfaith Network AGM on behalf of 3FF and met some amazing women. I still remember, almost word for word, Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin’s key note speaker in which she spoke of the importance of women-based interfaith initiatives. To be part of such a vibrant and passionate event was incredibly inspirational and the support I received has definitely encouraged me to pursue a career in the sector.

However, the undeniable highlight of my internship – where I really felt the 3FF buzz – was the Interfaith Summit which took place in November 2016. It was amazing to be part of an event which genuinely offered a space for young people to come together, celebrate difference but also explore how to work together to create change in the world, or just their communities. It was such an adrenaline rush to be involved in such an inspirational event and it is a memory I will   cherish (although I do look forward to attending next year’s event and participating in the activities rather than running around finding extra chairs). My internship lasted six months and I was sad to leave the ParliaMentors team. I am, however, still hanging around the 3FF offices due to my involvement in a new project: Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London’s Council on Faith.


In September 2016 the Greater London Lord-Lieutenant formed a Council of Faith made up of Deputy Lieutenants with particular interest and expertise in faith community matters. 3FF have been supporting their agenda and acting as a link between the Council members and community groups. It has been really fun getting involved in this project and seeing ideas turn from concepts into concrete plans.

The biggest part of the project is organising 3FF’s Evening of Faith Recognition and Celebration with the support of the Council on Faith which will take place in November 2017. The event will celebrate community-based projects in London which work with people from different faiths and beliefs on initiatives that seek to increase Londoners’ sense of belonging.

At the event we will be giving awards to nominated projects to support their ongoing work – the nomination process is still open and nominations can be made here!



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