News / “I have loved meeting such a diverse range of people and learning so much from them”

“I have loved meeting such a diverse range of people and learning so much from them”



26 / 08 / 16

Our last cohort of interns has left the 3FF offices to put their new experiences and skills to use elsewhere, leaving the space for a new group of enthusiastic individuals to start their adventure at 3FF.

Daniel St John
Daniel St John


Daniel St John, the ParliaMentors Intern remembers:

“The highlight of my internship was planning the ParliaMentors graduation and then being at the event. I felt very proud of the great team that I worked with and it was a proud moment to see the turnout of members of government and religious leaders, investing their time in the leaders of the future.”

Kate Reed
Kate Reed


Kate Reed, the Intercultural Arts Intern highlights:

“3FF also gave me ample of opportunity to get involved with other departments and I really enjoyed the training that was offered, it was an invaluable addition to an already great internship. I feel I have developed a much more open-minded approach to working and feel capable and confident in joining new teams and making contributions. I have loved meeting such a diverse range of people and learning so much from them professionally and personally.

Bar Hariely
Bar Hariely


Bar Hariely, the Education and Schools Intern explored new perspectives:

“This internship has surpassed any preconceptions I may have had. My internship allowed me to explore personal thoughts about my own relationship to my beliefs and identity, which was the last thing I expected when joining 3FF. Becoming ‘conscious’ of my thoughts about my background has forced me to reflect on the things that are important in my life, and realise that the internal complexity present in myself is equally present in others too.”

Guli Bhachu
Guli Bhachu


Guli Bhachu, the Admin, Operations and Volunteer Management Intern said:

“I knew there was something special about 3FF from the moment I sat down to fill out my application form and saw it was far more personalised than most. The fundraising task was particularly enjoyable as we worked together to raise money for (and awareness of) 3FF, bringing together people of different faiths and beliefs. When I look back on my time at 3FF, I will always remember wonderful experiences and wonderful people. For that, I feel very lucky.”


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