Impact / Facilitator: George Bednar

Facilitator: George Bednar


Always seeking help young people to have open, honest conversation across faiths, beliefs and cultures, George has been facilitating for the Faith & Belief Forum for more than four years. She has seen repeatedly that the value of the Faith & Belief Forum’s workshops is the way they provide a non-academic space to reflect on elements of students’ identities, and the identity of those they may never have met, in a safe space.

She has frequently observed how much young people gain from the individual activities in the Faith & Belief Forum’s schools workshops. In particular, the combination of skills-based and knowledge-based activities goes a long way to raising young people’s confidence in asking challenging questions and understanding concepts of identity.

One recent workshop stands out for George. She was delivering at a Sixth Form conference for students from different schools, and the students were extremely responsive to the workshop’s content and activities, with a number of interesting conversations taking place. The striking thing from the students’ feedback, however, was that the self-reflection activities had been the first time many of them had had a chance in their life to consider their own identities, and it was something that the students had found particularly rewarding and powerful.

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