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ParliaMentors social action project: Breaking Barriers Growing Green

Aware of the problems of division both between and within students and local residents in Coventry, the 2016-17 ParliaMentors team have sought to address the issue through a unique solution: a community allotment. The team have created a new set of community allotments, bringing people together who wouldn’t ordinarily meet and simultaneously supporting people to

24 / 04 / 18

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Back in 2011, Berlin-born Anya Fahlenkamp was an undergraduate at SOAS studying for a degree in Politics. She said, “At the time, I was surrounded by people from all countries and various faith backgrounds. However, I was startled about the fact that there was no organised interfaith framework at the university that tried to bring

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Facilitator: Andrew Morris Encountering Faiths and Beliefs Coming from a professional background in education, Andrew has been facilitating with the Faith & Belief Forum for over five years. The aspect of the Faith & Belief Forum’s work in schools he sees as the most valuable for young people is the opportunity we offer for young

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