Impact / ParliaMentors Alumni: Joseph Taylor

ParliaMentors Alumni: Joseph Taylor


As an undergraduate at the University of Birmingham Joe was keen to give something back to the local community:

“I was inspired by the local community’s hospitality and felt compelled to ‘give back’. I was also aware of certain problems within this community which I felt determined to remedy”. Participation in ParliaMentors was an opportunity for Joe to do just that whilst at the same time harnessing his personal conviction that religious belief can be a unifying force for change.

Today Joe is on the National Graduate Development Programme run by the Local Government Association working for Leicester City Council’s Transport Strategy team. He believes that it was the skills and experiences acquired through participating in ParliaMentors that set him apart from other candidates, and he sees tremendous value at working at a local level through his role.

The ParliaMentors programme gives students these opportunities up and down the country; to support it and other crucial the Faith & Belief Forum work.


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