Impact / School Link: Yavneh Jewish Primary and St Monica’s Catholic Primary

School Link: Yavneh Jewish Primary and St Monica’s Catholic Primary

Borehamwood and Enfield

Yavneh Jewish Primary in Borehamwood and St Monica’s Catholic Primary School in Enfield were brought together by the Faith & Belief Forum’s Linking Programme in September 2018, to link two classes each. Both schools have a history of interfaith activity, but for partner linking teachers Liza Taitz and Viki Murphy, the first CPD training day in October served as an introduction to the tools and skills required for facilitating meaningful interfaith / intercultural student encounters.

Thirty year 2 students from each school met for their first Link Day at Yavneh on 4 December. The second group to be partnered were brought together on 17 January. Both days followed the same plan: finding your Linking buddy; ‘getting-to-know-you’ icebreakers; identity-based experiential activities; and sharing of practices, prayers, and games – as well as a tour around the onsite school shul (synagogue).

At the most recent CPD training day in the spring term 2019, we learnt from Viki that the second group of St Monica’s children had turned up to the Link Day at Yavneh already knowing the Hanukah song! They’d been taught it by the first group who’d been excitedly singing it at school every day since their visit.

Both sets of Link Day 2’s for this partnership have been scheduled for this term and will take place at St Monica’s, ensuring that all classes get the opportunity to both host and visit. Viki and Liza will be guiding students through activities related to issues of diversity, with more songs and games to come!

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