News / In memoriam: Bonny Newman, dedicated F&BF volunteer

In memoriam: Bonny Newman, dedicated F&BF volunteer


The Faith & Belief Forum

10 / 11 / 20

Picture: At a Volunteering Event with F&BF – Bonny is on the far left

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Bonny Newman last month. Bonny was one of the most active and dedicated volunteers for our schools’ programme during the past decade. She brought a commitment and enthusiasm to her volunteering that was infectious. In 2016 Bonny received the Interfaith Volunteering Award by the Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN) for her volunteering at F&BF (then 3FF). She will be sorely missed by her partner, families and friends – and also by all of us at F&BF. Without volunteers like Bonny we could not do the work we do to strengthen relations between people of different faiths and beliefs. Thank you Bonny. Rest in Peace.

From Ana Co, former F&BF staff member who worked closely with Bonny:

“Bonny was an integral volunteer to F&BF. Her love and passion for teaching Judaism to young people is going to be missed. Not only that but Bonny as a person will be missed. She was one of our most committed volunteers and the workshops programme at F&BF wouldn’t have been the same if Bonny wasn’t a part of it. Thank you Bonny for the mark you left on F&BF, in the world and the hundreds and hundreds of young people you taught. We were lucky to have crossed paths with you. You will never be forgotten.”

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