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05 / 12 / 12

To mark National Interfaith Week, 3FF organised a Head Teachers Breakfast at City Hall for senior leaders involved in our Faith School Linking Programme. Atiya Saithna, Head Teacher at Ayesha Community School, shares her experience of the event. Ayesha Community School is linked with Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School.

I have been working as a Head Teacher in an Islamic school for the last three years and was looking for schools that would develop links with our school. When 3FF rang and suggested that a Catholic school was interested in developing links with our Year 5s I could not refuse the golden opportunity. Although it was short notice, the Year 5 teacher and I both attended the first professional development day and were very impressed by the whole linking process, and by all the support available.

Our schools have now met at a neutral place with a storyteller and are looking forward to school visits in the spring term 2013.

The Head Teachers Breakfast on Tuesday 20th November 2012 was an exciting and excellent opportunity to meet Heads from other faith schools, to share thoughts and to clarify common issues arising in schools.


It created a platform and a place to network with senior managers, to share ideas and to discuss the role of interfaith and intercultural activities in our schools. I personally think that this opportunity for Heads to meet together will encourage harmony between our institutions, giving us the opportunity to support pupils under our care and help them understand different faiths and beliefs. The meeting was useful for me as a Head to see how other schools dealt with the whole process of linking and gave me ideas on how to share it with parents.

I would like to thank 3FF for doing a wonderful job. The more understanding we have of different faiths and practices, the more we can look forward to a peaceful society where there is more tolerance and less prejudice.

Find out more about 3FF’s Faith School Linking here.

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