News / Interfaith Voices: Brexit and identity

Interfaith Voices: Brexit and identity

News / Interfaith Voices


19 / 07 / 17

Interfaith Voices is back with a bang!

This is a platform where people are encouraged to make their voices heard on social issues. Interfaith Voices is where we share your stories, experiences and opinions.

This could be communicated through a blog post, an interview or perhaps a video sharing your opinions. Interfaith Voices is open to everyone within the 3FF community – whether you’re a part of one of our many programmes, or someone simply interested in interfaith relations – we want to hear from you!

This month’s Interfaith Voices is on the theme of ‘Identity in a post-Brexit society’.

Have your views on what it means to be British altered post Brexit? If you would like us to feature your thoughts, opinions or ideas on this month’s topic, please send them to  comms@faithbeliefforum.org with the subject line Interfaith Voices.’ 

Hope to hear from you soon!

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