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Siobhán Anderson

15 / 07 / 19

Sensitive and inclusive dialogue about LGBT+ and Faith in the classroom can be challenging to achieve and maintain.  However successfully navigating these often deeply personal topics can allow students to better understand their own beliefs and identities, engage positively with others’, and create together a vision of how we can all live together well.

The Faith & Belief Forum have more than 20 years’ experience supporting people from different backgrounds to have meaningful conversations about identity, diversity and society. The opportunities below draw on our teacher training modules on faith, belief and controversial issues in the classroom, and our work supporting LGBT+ community groups in their work with people of faith.  Our methods are participatory and experiencial, and draw on the views, experiences and expertise of people in the room.

We understand that at the moment it can be particularly tricky for teachers to navigate conversations about LGBT+ and Faith in the staff room, with students, and with parents.  The sessions below will give you the space to think about these issues, how they relate to your settings, and the best ways forward for you.


For staff leads on LGBT+ inclusionOur regional LGBT+Faith training days enable professionals from different organisations to come together for a day of reflection and learning about inclusion of LGBT+ people of faith in their settings. Participants better understand the diverse ways different LGBT+ people relate to faith, learn practical ways to ensure people of faith are included and welcomed in LGBT+ programmes, and gain new ideas for challenges around faith and LGBT+ that may arise in their work.• Full day – various dates and locations
• £20 – limited to one participant per organisation, costs subsidised by our funder
For staff teamsOur ‘LGBT+Faith in the Classroom’ teacher training module provides a space for staff teams to hear personal stories of LGBT+ people of faith, reflect together on opportunities and challenges of supporting LGBT+ students from faith backgrounds, and learn new strategies and tools for opening up and navigating sensitive conversations about LGBT+ and faith in their classrooms. • 90 mins – 3 hours
• Up to 20 participants
• £175 + facilitator expenses
For LGBT+ / Equalities student groups (Secondary)Our workshop for LGBT+ student groups allows students to better understand the diversity within the LGBT+ community, and the potential harm of making the assumption that Faith and LGBT+ cannot go together. Students will reflect on their own relationship with religion, faith and belief, hear real personal stories from LGBT+ people of faith from different backgrounds, and engage in sensitive, open dialogue about these issues.• 1 – 2 hours
• Up to 20 participants
• £175 + facilitator expenses


What have teachers said about previous sessions?

The session was exactly what I was hoping for! It gave me the tools to discuss challenging situations with my colleagues.  Thank you!

  • I learnt a useful structure for tackling challenging scenarios with pupils and encouraging empathy and understanding.
  • I learned a lot about the experiences of LGBT+ people of faith, and it will help me authentically support students at my C of E school.
  • I feel more positive about the future of LGBT+ and faith and this discussion with students!
  • The session helped me to reflect on my role in school as a gay person of faith.  It was good to share experiences.
  • Excellent session!  The tools you showed us and allowed us to practice were so helpful, I’ll definitely be using them in future.  You’ve also made me much more conscious of the issues connected to LGBT+ and Faith.


For more information or to book any of the above sessions, email siobhan@faithbeliefforum.org

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