News / Listen to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal on 1 July

Listen to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal on 1 July


The Faith & Belief Forum

14 / 06 / 18

We’re very excited to announce that a BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal for the Faith & Belief Forum will air on Sunday 1 July.

We’re proud to say that it was recorded by one of our own ParliaMentors alumni, Mamataj Begum. In the appeal she talks about how the Faith & Belief Forum helped expand her own horizons and gave her opportunities to meet and build friendships with people from different backgrounds, and how supporting the organisation will give others those same opportunities.

Mamataj is the Chair of the Faith & Belief Forum’s Youth Council and a member of the UK Youth Climate Coalition. She recently attended the Youth 7 2018 Summit in Canada to negotiate the UK’s climate change and environmental policies. She currently works in the civil service and is a graduate of History from Queen Mary.

Listen to this little teaser from the recording below. And tune in to the live appeal on BBC Radio 4 on 1 July!



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