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Meet ParliaMentors Alumnus and Co-Founder of Fulfeal drink



20 / 07 / 16

fulfealEmmanuel is co-founder of Fulfeal – a social enterprise focused on providing powdered food with all nutrients a human body needs, while saving money, effort, time and space.

You’ve started a breakfast replacement business. What inspired this Start-up?

The business idea was first discovered by my fellow founder, Aleksander Bury. He is a nutrition enthusiast and stumbled across Soylent. Soylent is a food supplement that encourages complete meal replacement. However, he felt that the idea of replacing food altogether is overzealous. So based on the DIY ingredients uploaded on Soylent’s website, he ordered the necessary ingredients and applied the formula to satisfy breakfast nutritional needs. That is how Fulfeal was created to provide a cheap, quick and handy breakfast replacement. Aleksander pitched the idea to me and I was immediately on board. This was mainly because I studied the sensational success of Joylent, a European version of Soylent. This made me more confident of the likely success of this project because there was already a European market for us be a part of.

“Fulfeal is a Social enterprise, not only does it help people to easily live healthily, furthermore, powdered food has a minimal impact on the environment and animals.”

What are the biggest challenges that you face or expect to face?

The biggest challenge for us was at the very start when we were wading through all of the licensing and permit requirements. It was important that Fulfeal met that necessary food regulations so that the business stands as a trusted brand. Luckily for us, we had a lot of help and advice from Westminster Enterprise Centre. They have been openly supportive from the start and a huge help to us. My university department, SOAS Student Enterprise, was how we secured our funding in the first place. I understand that lack of funding has lead to the failure of many start-ups like ours and we have been very fortunate to have receive so much help from the SOAS team.

Furthermore, since there is already quite a number of other food supplement manufacturers, we would need to compete for substantial amount of market share. Growth is our primary objective at the moment and we do everything we can to get the word out. I believe we stand a very good chance because we appeal to a wider consumer market of quick and cheap breakfast.

How did the ParliaMentors programme influence your projects?

My experience during my year on the ParliaMentors programme has contributed significantly to my ability to take on the project. I introduced my Fulfeal team to the brainstorming and planning techniques that I had picked up from the ParliaMentors three-day induction. This helped us establish our individual roles and tackle the problems before us accordingly.

Running a successful social action project called Camden Cares over the past year definitely gave me the confidence and mind-set to start Fulfeal. The training and experience from running Camden Cares prepared me to target the right platforms that would help secure funding for this business. In addition, I was able to present my past experience of running a social action project as a way to convince my sponsors that I was a reliable person who will make a great success of Fulfeal.

“There is no doubt that the leadership training and support I gained during the ParliaMentors programme helped shape my perspective towards finding ways to develop the community around me.”

To find out more about Fulfeal visit us at http://fulfeal.co.uk/.

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