News / Mixed Up Chorus joins One Day One Choir to sing for peace

Mixed Up Chorus joins One Day One Choir to sing for peace


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20 / 09 / 16

Mixed Up Chorus singing!
Mixed Up Chorus sings!

3FF’s intercultural choir the Mixed Up Chorus is joining other choirs and singers to send a message of peace and unity on International Day of Peace. As part of the One Day One Choir flash mob, the choir will sing in Trafalgar Square on Wednesday 21 September at 6:30pm.

The singers will be led by experienced choir leaders Tom Morley and Mixed Up Chorus’s musical director Jeremy Haneman. One Day One Choir is a global choral initiative, starting in 2014 by Jane Hanson, which has been created to mobilise the inspiring and harmonious power of singing together to unite people globally to sing for peace.

Mixed Up Chorus member and coordinator Eli Tamir said: “Music is a universal language that spans cultures and can be a powerful force for understanding. Singing on Peace Day is our way of showing that there is more that unites us than divides us, and we should never stop working for peace and unity.”

“As an intercultural choir that builds relations between people of different beliefs and cultures, the values of the Mixed Up Chorus resonate strongly with those of Peace Day. We believe that if we can sing together, we can live well together, and we’re looking forward to sharing that message with everyone in Trafalgar Square.”

Mixed Up Chorus has been involved in One Day One Choir since its founding in 2014, when the choir sang on BBC Radio 3 as part of the initiative.

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