News / Muslim, Jewish and interfaith organisations join forces to host women’s event

Muslim, Jewish and interfaith organisations join forces to host women’s event



26 / 11 / 14

Female Voices
Speakers at a previous Female Voices event

On 27 November 2014, Muslim women’s organisation Rabia’s Garden, together with Jewish community organisation JW3 and interfaith charity 3FF, will be hosting an event for women of all faiths and beliefs. The Female Voices event, to be held at Rumi’s Cave in north-west London, is the first time the Muslim and Jewish organisations have collaborated to create connections between women from different backgrounds.

The event will be part celebration of the talents of female performers and musicians, part a space for interaction and dialogue, and visitors can look forward to an evening of music, poetry and storytelling by women, for women. The female-only evening is one of a series of Female Voices events created by 3FF to give women from all backgrounds opportunities to come together, share cultural experiences and explore how women can be catalysts for change in their communities.

Onjali Rauf, previous Female Voices speaker, shares:

“The Female Voices event was the very first time I had ever attended a female-only event and met many others who were sharing this experience with me. It was both an eye-opening adventure and felt like a truly safe and open space where conversations that would not normally transpire were free to do so.”

Female Voices gives women from minority communities an opportunity to be heard and to get involved in current discussions. Holly Jones, 3FF’s Urban Dialogues Manager, also noted:

“Discussions about feminism and issues facing women today can sometimes tend towards generalisation or stereotypes.  Female Voices creates a space for women from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures – religious and non-religious, young and old – to come together, to meet, and to better understand and celebrate their differences, as well as their similarities”.

The Female Voices series is supported by Near Neighbours and the Mayor of Camden, Lazzaro Pietragnoli, who has chosen 3FF as his charity of the year. The Mayoress of Camden, Daniela Pears, will be attending the event.


For more information:
E-mail: Philip@faithbeliefforum.org
Phone: 0207 482 9535

Date: Thursday 27 November 2014, 6.30 – 9.30pm
Venue: Rumi’s Cave (www.rumis.org)
Location: 26 Willesden Lane, London, NW6 7ST
*Women only*

Female Voices

Notes for editors

3FF, the Three Faiths Forum, works to break down barriers between people of different faiths and beliefs. It builds positive relations between communities and individuals at many levels of society: with teachers and students, artists and professionals, political leaders in parliament and upcoming leaders still at university.

3FF’s Urban Dialogues programme brings people from all cultures and walks of life together through the arts. It is based on the belief that the arts can transcend cultural boundaries, offering opportunities for people to connect across differences and build relationships and understanding. Urban Dialogues is run in partnership with Arts Council England, Culture at King’s, Radical Middle Way, Art and Christianity Enquiry, JW3, City Bridge Trust, Bible Society, Greenbelt, Near Neighbours and Red Gallery.

Rumi’s Cave is a charity funded project which seeks to engage the community and provide a grassroots platform for arts, culture and education. As a part of rumis.org we also run other projects including soup kitchens, free public learning programmes and much more.

Rabia’s Garden is a sanctuary for all creative, spiritual and curious souls. Its aim is to establish nurturing spaces where people can re-connect. Rabia’s Garden believes that in strengthening bonds between women, our communities prosper. All events are women led and as part of the Rumi’s Cave family follow their ethos of connecting hearts, minds and communities.

JW3 offers events, activities, classes and courses for all who are interested in Jewish life. JW3 seeks to promote the best of Jewish values and to create better understanding between different strands of the Jewish community, and between Jews and different faiths, communities and cultures.

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