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New interfaith career opportunity for students



01 / 02 / 11

sidebar_172This week, the Three Faiths Forum and Interfaith Youth Core will launch a brand new initiative that will enable undergraduates to promote dialogue and social action on their campuses and beyond. The Interfaith Connectors programme will train students to become Certified Youth Interfaith Facilitators, opening up the doors to a job in education.

A dozen university students will be gathering for a two-day retreat where they will undergo intense training giving them valuable skills and opening up new career options. After completing the training, they will join the 3FF team as they go into schools and run educational sessions for pupils.

sidebar_173The aim of the retreat is to enable each of the participants to develop the skills that will turn them into passionate and enlightened ‘Interfaith Connectors’ who will facilitate dialogue in schools and on campus while building closer links between their universities and local communities. Working alongside them will be several prominent grassroots activists, many of whom have established and contributed to the rise of interfaith dialogue in London and across the world. Together, the students will form part of an international movement working to encourage dialogue and social action on many different levels of society.

Jennisa Nandoo is a second-year undergraduate student at LSE and one of the programme’s keen participants. Sha said: “I dream of an LSE where constructive criticism is allowed but where people also treat each other with the respect that they rightly deserve.”

Nazia Alam, a Newham resident and student at Queen Mary University, is also attending the retreat: “My experience with faith-based activities has made me believe that faith brings people together to celebrate humanity.

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