News / Nominations Open for 5th London Faith & Belief Community Awards

Nominations Open for 5th London Faith & Belief Community Awards

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09 / 06 / 21

by Nicholas McDonald

We are happy to announce that nominations for the London Faith & Belief Awards 2021 are now open!! Nominate your local unsung community heroes for our 5th Annual Awards!

This past year we have all faced a plethora of new and unprecedented challenges. First came the struggle of adapting to a radically different way of living to what any of us have ever known and now, we face a difficult and still uncertain return to “normality.”

During these difficult times however, faith and belief groups and communities have been at the forefront of assisting, supporting, and providing essential aid and resources for their local areas. We at the Faith and Belief Forum have long understood the irreplaceable position these organisations play in communities across the country and the invaluable- and often thankless- role they have always played. They stand with all, from the most vulnerable and isolated individuals to families, schools and everything in between.

We at The Faith and Belief Forum believe it is more important now than ever to share these stories of how faith and belief groups, the unsung heroes, are at the helm of vital community work and engagement.

That is why, for the past five years, we have had the pleasure of hosting the London Faith & Belief Community Awards. We annually shine a spotlight on these amazing groups, raising their profile and voice, giving them the opportunity to build invaluable links across the city, and ensuring they can continue to work hard for their communities. Since 2017, we have honoured over 400 projects and celebrated over 160 organisations with £500 awards.

Each year, our panel of judges select 40 projects and organisations to receive the award which goes to further enhance their inspirational and crucial community work. In addition to the winning 40, we recognise many more groups and individuals and all are invited to join an awards ceremony in London and become part of an ever-growing network of faith and belief community groups.

How to nominate

You may nominate your own work or that of others so please share this opportunity with your networks and encourage worthy projects to nominate themselves. Organisations can be nominated across 8 different categories:

  • Community resourcefulness in response to Covid-19
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Inspiring youth
  • Interfaith relations
  • Improving access to services
  • Promoting inclusion
  • Supporting women

Nominations close on 19th July.

To find out more about the categories and criteria and to nominate, click here.

What is the Award?

Award projects will receive £500 to enhance their work.

Awarded projects, recognised projects, and recognised individuals will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend an awards ceremony in central London on 29th November 2021 (COVID-19 restrictions permitting).
  • Meet and connect with 400 individuals and groups from across London’s faith, belief and community sector, including Her Majesty’s Deputy Lieutenants of Greater London.
  • Gain a free place on an F&BF training workshop.
  • Join F&BF’s Movement Builders Network and contribute to F&BF podcasts, blogs, and attend F&BF events for free.

Five years of awards

As we enter the 5th year of these awards, we want to make sure the 2021 celebration is bigger and better than ever!

We will be looking back on winners from across the years and how the awards have impacted them. Look out for our ‘stories of impact’ blogs and videos across our website and social media pages.

Keep an eye out for further opportunities such as panels and events, celebrating the history of the awards, exploring how London can continue to support its own local faith and belief communities and many other exciting opportunities to connect. We want to make this year special and would love for you all to be involved!

You can read about our 2020 ceremony here or watch the online show here, featuring appearances from Baronness Floella Benjamin and Sir Ken Olisa, and performances from the London Humanist Choir and the Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa Pipe Band.

Start the nomination process here.

The Faith & Belief Forum are excited to announce that nominations for the London Faith & Belief Community Awards 2020 are now open!


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