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Festivals, Climate Change & Nuclear War

27 / 09 / 17

On the podcast this month we have host Lizzie Teixeira, an alum from 2016-17, Grace Lousiy and Ben Shapiro taking a look back at some of the events from the past month and some of the lessons we have learned, and some of the things that world leaders might have also absorbed in an extremely volatile 30 days.
They are also joined by alumni contributing from all over the world giving their insight into the situation where they are.

We caught up with Juhi Verma, chair of the alumni network, who explains the Hindu festival of Navratri and why it is possibly the most feminist festival in the calendar, Ben takes a look at the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah and some of the traditions related to it.

Then they take a look at the developing situation in North Korea and what that could mean for everyone, what nuclear proliferation could mean in the region and just how worried we should be. Jack Tudor an alum from 2016-17 and Conservative councillor is currently living and studying in South Korea so joins us to give an insight into the current situation on the ground and the way that people are reacting to the current.

With the tremendous power of nature demonstrated through storms in Asia, North America and the Pacific and earthquakes in Mexico they discuss what the United Kingdom’s role should be in the world when disaster strikes and the steps we can all take to curb the impact we are having on other people’s lives. Richard Huddleson from the 2013-14 cohort gave us some of his thoughts and experiences from working with the Green party across Europe and gave voice to some of the struggles that people are currently facing due to climate change, for example the Sami people.

Next month there will be two podcasts to mark Black History Month so join us twice next month.

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