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Political spaces belong to everyone

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17 / 07 / 19

The racist sentiments expressed by President Trump over the weekend should have no place in society. We at the Faith & Belief Forum stand in solidarity with everyone affected by these comments.

Our vision for society is one in which your skin colour, faith, or heritage serves not as a barrier to participation in public life, but part of your identity to be celebrated within the political sphere. Yes, we may disagree on opinions, but our principles of solidarity, collaboration, friendship and common humanity bring us all together.

For well over a decade the Faith & Belief Forum has been supporting young people from diverse backgrounds into careers in public life through our ParliaMentors programme. We are passionate about this programme because we believe that if we are all to thrive that leaders should reflect the diverse communities that they serve and because if leadership is not inclusive and collaborative then it risks fuelling marginalisation.

ParliaMentors recruits students at UK institutions from all over the world, from a multitude of geographic, racial, ethnic, faith or belief, and linguistic backgrounds. We are in awe of the achievements of all those who have been through this programme and are saddened that each year we have to turn away so many inspirational young people because we do not have the places for them.

As an organisation we re-commit ourselves to challenging discrimination and pledge to work with other individuals and organisations to ensure that racism and hate of all kinds has no place in our communities.

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