Encountering Faiths & Beliefs

F&BF‘s flagship workshop brings real-life experiences of faith, belief and identity into the classroom via a panel of trained speakers. With the assistance and skills of an expert facilitator, two or three speakers from different faith and belief backgrounds share their personal stories and answer the students’ questions in an engaging and informative way while modelling interfaith dialogue and co-operation.

Through this workshop students will:

  • Have the opportunity to encounter people from different faiths and beliefs
  • Hear personal stories and reflect on the relationship between faith/belief and daily life
  • Deepen their learning about different faiths and beliefs by engaging directly with people from a variety of traditions
  • Identify key similarities and differences, within faith/belief traditions as well as between them
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions – including controversial questions – in a safe space
  • Witness and be part of positive interaction between people of different faiths and beliefs

Teachers are free to select their preferences for speakers. We currently have speakers from a range of faith and belief backgrounds (Including non-religious beliefs).

Primary Encountering Faiths and Beliefs

Icebreakers, worksheets, story-telling and a dynamic Q&A session cultivates an atmosphere of curiosity and respect.

Speakers will talk about the following themes:

  • An Introduction to Me
  • My Key Beliefs and Practices
  • A Special Object

Suitable for: Year 4-6

Student number: 12-30

Materials required: Whiteboard or flipchart, paper and pens

Session length: 50-90 mins

Secondary Encountering Faiths and Beliefs

Speakers will share a short life story about their journey with their faith or beliefs, including challenges faced. Students will have the opportunity to take part in a dialogue, asking questions of their choice to deepen understanding and build connections with the speakers. This format, combined with icebreakers and worksheets for different learning styles, cultivates an intimate atmosphere for empathy and respect.

Suitable for: Year 7-13

Student number: 12-60

Materials required: Microphone if in large space

Session length: 50-90 mins

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Phone: +44 (0) 207 485 1390

For general, Greater London and Birmingham and West Midlands enquiries, please contact Jaishree.

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