ENGAGE network

Working together for young people from faith & belief communities in London

Programme Overview

What is the ENGAGE network?

Thanks to support from City Bridge Trust, F&BF will lead several projects which build a more inclusive London for young people from faith and belief communities, and connect them with decision makers. As part of this innovative programme, we are launching a network for organisations who already work with, or would like to work with, young people from faith and belief communities.

This network will come together to connect, to share expertise and experiences, and to build skills and knowledge.

The guiding voices will be the young Londoners of different faiths and beliefs who may feel excluded, ignored, or undervalued by established systems.

To build a fairer London we must listen to young voices, learn from their experiences, and adapt to their needs and visions for the future.

How to get involved

Join the ENGAGE network to learn from each other, young people, and expert guest speakers. We envision the network will meet twice a year. The aims of our network events are to:

  • Understand the varied needs of young people from faith and belief communities in London today 
  • Explore ways to effectively engage young people from faith and belief communities in your work 
  • Connect, collaborate, and pitch your work to other professionals and to young people themselves 

This network will be shaped by your ideas and needs.  Please join our first session to explore how we can best spend this funding, what you need and want from this space, and how you would like to be involved.  As a friend of F&BF, and a leading organisations in your field, we would love you to be part of this project. 



Main contact

Jessica Hazrati

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