We create spaces for LGBT+ people of faith to come together, and support organisations through training and workshops to ensure their services are inclusive.

Programme Overview

The Faith & Belief Forum have been working with and advocating for LGBT+ people of faith for many years.  We create affirming, inclusive spaces for LGBT+ people of faith to meet others from similar and different backgrounds to themselves, connect, and share.  

We also work to educate our community partners on the diverse experiences and needs of LGBT+ people of faith, and how they can be better allies through the work they do. 

“The Faith & Belief Forum provide a much-needed alternative – inclusive and reflective spaces for people to express their identities” 

The Faith & Belief Forum’s LGBTQ+ Interfaith Network is a space for LGBTQ+ people from different faiths, beliefs and backgrounds, to come together in a friendly environment. We use interfaith activities and methods to explore personal stories of faith and belief, learn from each other’s traditions, and build solidarity and community. We work in collaboration with a range of brilliant single faith and regional LGBTQ+ organisations.

Thanks to funding from Consortium’s LGBT+ Futures Intersection Fund, in Spring 2021 we are organising a series of online sessions.  Each session will provide opportunities for reflection, connection, and learning from each other and special guests.  All sessions will include breakout rooms for those who want to network in smaller groups.

You are welcome to have your video switched on or off, depending on your preferences.

Special Objects, Thu 8 Apr at 6.30pm

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At this welcome session, we invite you to bring along an object, photograph, or short piece of text that is important to you – it can be related to your faith, culture, background, or can be something that holds sentimental value for another reason. We will be exploring these objects and sharing what they mean to us in breakout rooms. We will also take time discuss upcoming sessions, and what you would find useful and enjoyable from these spaces.

Spring Festivals & Celebrations, Thu 15 Apr at 6.30pm

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There are Spring festivals and celebrations in many traditions. In this session we will invite network members to speak about special days they have or will mark soon, what these traditions mean to them, and how practices are different this year during the pandemic.

Lino-printing with Gemma Curtis, Thu 22 Apr at 5.45pm

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At this workshop participants will learn a new skill, lino-printing, whilst enjoying some creative time together as a group. A free lino printing kit will be posted to you as part of the offer! During the session we’ll be practising a range of lino-cutting techniques and learning how to transfer your design onto the lino block. By the end of the session you will have carved and printed your design, with the option to share the results together at the end.

Representation in Children’s Stories with Sarah Hagger-Holt, Thu 6 May at 6.30pm

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The books we read and the stories we hear as children shape our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, but we rarely see positive representation of LGBTQ+ people of faith. This workshop explores our personal experience of seeing (or not seeing) LGBTQ+ people of faith in the books we read as children (or with our own children), discusses why this matters to us and shares ideas to highlight good examples and improve representation overall.

Mindfulness and Meditation with Derek Aidoo, Thu 13 May at 6.30pm

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At this session, we will discuss what mindfulness and meditation mean to us, whether these are practices we use in our lives, and how they connect with our different traditions. Guest speaker Derek Aidoo will take us through a guided meditation which is suitable for beginners, and aims to help us slow down and make space for calm.

Creative Writing with Zelly Lisanework, Thu 20 May at 6.30pm

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At this workshop we will learn from guest speaker Zelly Lisanework about various poetry structures, and we will each try out writing and structuring a poem using simple prompts. The workshop is suitable for complete beginners and confident poets alike. There will be the optional opportunity to share your writing with the group if that is something you would like to do.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Interfaith Connections, Thu 27 May at 6.30pm

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Over the last two months our LGBTQ+ Interfaith network has been coming together for a series of events. Join us at our final celebration event! Expect performances, speakers, and discussion, all of which celebrate LGBTQ+ people of faith and the power of connection.


F&BF’s Spring Sessions events are supported by brilliant partner organisations including: House of Rainbow, London Queer Muslims, Sarbat LGBT Sikhs.


Read about a previous event here.

Sign up for updates on future events here. 

Our LGBT+Faith workshops and trainings allows participants to reflect, learn, and build their practice for working with and supporting LGBT+ people of faith.  Since 2017 we have supported over 100 organisations across the UK to offer better support to LGBT+ people of faith in their communities. 

Our workshops and trainings support participants to:

  • Better understand the diverse ways different LGBT+ people relate to faith
  • Learn practical ways to ensure people of faith are included and welcomed
  • Gain new ideas for dealing with challenging scenarios around faith that may arise in their work or community
  • Feel more confident approaching conversations about faith

We will work with you to develop an offer that meets your organisation’s needs and budget.  In the current climate, we are only offering sessions online.  

“The training really opened my eyes! We have been able to implement it straight away to offer better support to LGBT people of faith.” 

We are proud of the excellent feedback we get for these sessions. In 2017-20, participants reported:

To enquire about workshops or training for your team, please contact siobhan@faithbeliefforum.org

Main contact

Siobhán Anderson

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