We create spaces for LGBT+ people of faith to come together, and support organisations through training and workshops to ensure their services are inclusive.

Programme Overview

The Faith & Belief Forum have been working with and advocating for LGBT+ people of faith for many years.  We create affirming, inclusive spaces for LGBT+ people of faith to meet others from similar and different backgrounds to themselves, connect, and share.  

We also work to educate our community partners on the diverse experiences and needs of LGBT+ people of faith, and how we can all be better allies through the work we do. 

“The Faith & Belief Forum provide a much-needed alternative – inclusive and reflective spaces for people to express their identities” 

The Faith & Belief Forum’s LGBT+ Interfaith Network is a space for LGBT+ people from different faiths, beliefs and backgrounds, to come together in a friendly environment. We use interfaith activities and methods to explore personal stories of faith and belief, learn from each other’s traditions, and build solidarity and community. We work in collaboration with a range of brilliant single faith and regional LGBT+ organisations.  We currently run occasional events, and are seeking funding for more regular events.

Read about previous network events here or here.

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We also have a Facebook group.  To join, contact siobhan@faithbeliefforum.org

“The training really opened my eyes! We have been able to implement it straight away to offer better support to LGBT people of faith.”  

Our LGBT+Faith trainings allows participants to reflect, learn, and build their practice for working with and supporting LGBT+ people of faith.  Since 2017 we have supported over 100 organisations across the UK to offer better support to LGBT+ people of faith in their communities. 

Our training sessions support participants to:

  • Better understand the diverse ways different LGBT+ people relate to faith
  • Learn practical ways to ensure people of faith are included and welcomed
  • Gain new ideas for dealing with challenging scenarios around faith that may arise in their work or community
  • Feel more confident approaching conversations about faith

We will work with you to develop an offer that meets your organisation’s needs and budget.  We offer in-person and virtual sessions.  

We are proud of the excellent feedback we get for these sessions. In 2017-20, participants reported:

To enquire about training for your team, please contact siobhan@faithbeliefforum.org

  • Switchboard, the LGBT+ Helpline offers a safe space to discuss anything including sexuality, gender identity, sexual health and emotional wellbeing.  Visit their website for resources and for information on their helpline, chat, and email support https://switchboard.lgbt/
  • Brighton & Hove Switchboard, an LGBT+ charity which connects people, supports them directly, and links to other specialist organisations.  Visit their website for resources, helpline, email support, live chat https://www.switchboard.org.uk/ 
  • LGBT Foundation, an LGBT+ charity offering support and advice on a range of topics.  Visit their website for resources and for information on their helpline and email support https://lgbt.foundation/
  • Galop supports LGBT+ people who have experienced abuse and violence.  Visit their website for resources and information on their helplines and online forum, including The National Conversion Therapy Hotline https://galop.org.uk/
  • Samaritans (24 hours a day), aims to provide emotional support to anyone in emotional distress or struggling to cope. Visit their website to access their helpline and resources https://www.samaritans.org/

There are also a range of brilliant single-faith LGBT+ organisations in the UK who offer support and networks for LGBT+ people of faith. If you would like to be signposted to groups from a particular faith background, please email siobhan@faithbeliefforum.org 


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If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team, who will do their best to help.

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Siobhán Anderson

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