Camden Faith & Belief Community Awards 2024

The Camden Faith & Belief Community Awards took place on Thursday 23 May 2024.

Programme Overview

The Camden Faith & Belief Community Awards took place on Thursday 23 May 2024. You can read all about the awards here.

We are delighted to introduce the inaugural Camden Faith & Belief Community Awards. As a partnership between Camden Council and the Faith & Belief Forum, the Awards will spotlight and celebrate the contribution of unsung faith and community projects, as well as individuals, who contribute selflessly to their local communities to foster understanding, unity and positive change in the borough of Camden. The Awards seek to recognise those who have gone above and beyond in promoting these values, making a significant impact on the lives of local residents. 

Across five categories, the Awards will celebrate the hard work undertaken by local groups and individuals to promote positive change in Camden. Nominations are open between Friday 15 March and Sunday 14 April, allowing locals in Camden to shine a spotlight on those whose work has made a significant impact. 

The awards ceremony, held on the evening of Thursday 23 May 2024 in the Council Chambers of Camden Town Hall, will bring together community leaders, local organisations and residents, to celebrate and showcase winning and recognised projects.The evening promises to be a joyful and inspirational evening, with speeches, performances and a chance to meet others working for good in Camden over light refreshments. 

All the information on the categories, criteria, the award and how to nominate is on this website page. 

Do you know an amazing local initiative that deserves recognition? Nominate them for an award! 

Building connected communities and neighbourhoods 

Camden’s strength is in its diversity.  Projects in this category create inclusive spaces and opportunities for people from different faiths and communities to connect. Initiatives may include interfaith relations, bringing residents together around an important local issue or to improve the local area, encouraging and supporting social action, or events that promote learning, understanding and friendship across communities.

Examples of winners at the London Faith & Belief Community Awards 2023: 

Tackling poverty 

Camden is pleased to work in collaboration with so many partners through the Tackling Poverty Forum to address this social injustice. Projects within this category provide support, advice and access to services for those experiencing a wide range of inequalities. These may include homelessness, food poverty, and projects in response to the Cost-of-Living crisis.

Examples of winners at the London Faith & Belief Community Awards 2023: 

Welcoming and supporting refugees  

Camden is proud of its pledge to become a Borough of Sanctuary and is committed to welcoming and helping refugees. Projects in this category provide a range of support to refugees which may include friendship and mentoring, information and advice, education and employment opportunities and exploring culture and heritage through food and events.

Examples of winners at the London Faith & Belief Community Awards 2023: 

Inspiring children and young people  

Camden is committed to creating opportunities for our young people, one of our We Make Camden Missions.  Projects within this category work with young people to encourage leadership, development, participation or volunteering and create opportunities for young people to have new experiences and be inspired by each other as well as others.

Examples of winners at the London Faith & Belief Community Awards 2023: 

Outstanding individuals 

Camden is full of inspirational individuals, people who make a lasting contribution to the life of our borough.  This category is an opportunity to recognise the contribution of individuals who have gone above and beyond to make a difference. These individuals inspire others through their acts of public service, which are matched by their attitudes and values, exemplifying Camden as a welcome place for people of all faiths and beliefs.

The Camden Faith & Belief Community Awards celebrate work that is often overlooked and unsung. You may nominate your own work or that of others.

Nominated projects:

  • Must either be based in the borough of Camden or deliver work that benefits people in the borough of Camden
  • Must either be motivated by a certain faith or non-religious belief or deliver work that benefits people from marginalised or faith & belief communities. Nominations from secular or non-religiously affiliated organisations are welcome if they benefit people from marginalised or faith & belief communities
  • Can be run by a registered charity or a community group
  • Can be run entirely by volunteers or have paid staff
  • Can be a standalone project, or one initiative of a larger organisation
  • Cannot have previously received wider recognition, either at a regional or national level, including at an F&BF event. However, a different project by the same organisation can be nominated if it has not previously received wider recognition

For the full Faith & Belief Community Awards Terms, Conditions and Rules, click here.

The judging panel will base their decisions on the need for the project, the impact the project has in addressing that need, and exceptionality – which could be about innovation, uniqueness, sustainability or overcoming barriers to establish your project. Further guidance is provided on the nomination form.

Projects could increase a sense of belonging for overlooked or under-supported groups; increase life chances through engagement, education, and wellbeing; and impact communities or individual beneficiaries. Winners will have a track record of achieving aims, with transformative and lasting impact on beneficiaries.

Winning projects will receive:

  • An engraved trophy and certificate 
  • Tea with the Mayor of Camden with all the award winners 
  • A personalized case study to platform and promote the project around the borough 
  • Automatic entry into the judging for the Faith & Belief Forum’s London Awards in November 2024

If you have any questions about the Camden Faith & Belief Community Awards, please get in touch via the email below.

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