Faith & Belief Community Awards 2018 – Nomination Information

Our awards recognise the vital work of those who make London a welcoming place for people of all faiths and beliefs.

Programme Overview

Our awards recognise the vital work of those who make London a welcoming place for people of all faiths and beliefs.

In 2017, 40 local projects received awards of £500 for their inspiring work. The event also recognised an additional 32 projects.

The work ranged from food banks to drop in centres, youth clubs and community choirs. All projects were united in their effort to create a fairer and more open London.

Maryam Women’s Centre at the East London Mosque – awarded for providing information, advice and guidance for women in the local community.

Balham Autumn Rose Club (ran by the Balham Seventh Day Adventist Church) – awarded for hosting a longstanding weekly lunch club project, with health and wellbeing sessions, for their diverse elderly community.

Chaverim Youth Organisation – awarded for their effective project running after-school and school-holiday activities and leadership programmes for thousands of Charedi Jewish young people.

Sikh Welfare & Awareness Team – awarded for their numerous outreach projects which transform and unite financially disadvantaged communities across West London.

Before completing the nomination form, please have a look at the award categories and criteria to make sure the project is eligible for an award.

We do not want to exclude any good work. If you are not sure if your project is eligible, please get in touch by emailing: or calling the office: 0207 482 9549.

This year we are particularly interested in work that focuses on:

Inspiring youth

Young people from minority backgrounds are often overlooked and may be excluded from civic life. Projects within this category work with young people to encourage leadership and participation in their local community, and connect them with opportunities beyond their neighbourhoods.

Interfaith relations

London’s neighbourhoods are multi-faith spaces where people with different faiths and beliefs share the same public spaces and services. Projects within this category build bridges across communities and create hubs that are open to all.

Peace & reconciliation

Crime and violent attacks send a message of exclusion and tear the fabric of London’s communities. Projects within this category support those affected by violence; bring communities together to stand against violence; and promote peaceful relations.

Promoting inclusion

Londoners may face misunderstanding, isolation or exclusion because of their faith or belief. They may be further excluded, due to other aspects of their identities (e.g. ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, age and ability) – and this discrimination may take place within faith groups or wider society. Projects within this category work at the intersection between faith/belief and other aspects of identity – creating inclusive spaces.

Creative arts and the media

Arts and the media have the power both to communicate experiences of exclusion and belonging, and to reshape our relationships with each other. Projects within this category work with the arts or the media to explore the complexities of identity and belief and to deepen understanding.

Improving access to services

Working at the neighbourhood level, projects within this category identify people who are often overlooked and excluded. These projects work over time to connect people to life-saving public services offered by local councils and larger charities, as well as offering advice and support at the community level.

Health & wellbeing

Projects in this category create specialised services for the health and wellbeing of Londoners. They reduce social isolation and improve the quality of life of Londoners by supporting vulnerable people from different backgrounds.

In the nomination form, you will be asked to choose a category but please let us know if you are not sure where your nominated project fits in these categories.

Self-nominations for all categories are welcome and all entries of the correct length will be considered. The information you submit may be used for PR purposes and we may contact you for more information.

  • Nominees should be based in Greater London.
  • The nomination must identify an initiative that works at the local level to increase social inclusion within London’s diverse communities.
  • Nominees should work with groups from different faiths or none, to build bridges and impact on increasing life chances or wellbeing. The project may work across communities or within their own community.
  • The project may be driven by a certain faith or non-religious belief. We welcome nominations from faith based and secular projects.
  • The project can be run by a registered charity or a community organisation.
  • Eligible projects could be one initiative of a larger organisation or a run by a place of worship or community group.
  • The project may be run entirely by volunteers or have paid staff.
  • Recognised projects from 2017 can be nominated for an award. Awarded projects from 2017 are not eligible to be nominated again.

  • Shortlisted nominees will have the opportunity to:
  • Attend the Evening of Faith Recognition and Celebration in November hosted by the Faith & Belief Forum
  • Network with Deputy Lieutenants from many Greater London boroughs, sponsors, and other community projects
  • Receive a monetary award to support their work.
  • Attend our Faith Awareness Training – a free workshop specifically for award winners to build skills and confidence in creating inclusive spaces for people from different faith and belief backgrounds

How to nominate

To nominate an organisation, project or individual, please complete the following brief nomination form.

The deadline for nominations is the 16 July 2018.


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