Winners 2020

The London Faith & Belief Community Awards recognise Londoners who work to serve their communities and bring people from different backgrounds together. The full list of 2020 Award Winners is given below, with links to their websites so you can discover more about their amazing work. This year, 40 projects received awards of £500 and 4 individuals received special recognition. A further 56 projects to be awarded a certificate of recognition.

Health and Wellbeing

Inspiring Youth 

Interfaith Relations  

Promoting Inclusion 

Supporting Women 

Community Resourcefulness in Response to Covid-19


Inspirational Individuals 

  • Chief Abbot Venerable U Uttara of Sasana Ramsi Myanmar Buddhist Centre
  • Hajia Saidat Oketunde
  • Ranjinder Singh, the Skipping Sikh
  • Rev’d Canon Salvador Telen

Farah Ahmed from Waltham Forest Women’s Network said “‘ When Lockdown happened, WFWN rose-up to the challenge in the face of adversity to support the unsung heroes of our society. The care workers in our local care homes were left vulnerable and unsupported during the start of the Pandemic, our ‘Hampers to Pamper’ and our online communication with the care workers reinforced our value and gratitude to the hard selfless work they were doing, the impact these had was tremendous and a real positive for WFWN team 

 National Cricket League (NCL) said, “We thank the Faith & Belief Forum for accepting and recognizing our important contributions to many Londoners, building Community and Cohesion to a wide range of audience from all walks of life, connecting many through the beauty game of cricket which had integrated many from different faiths and none come together to play and network with each other. Our aims are to continue growing this, building connection with bat and ball where it helps many discover their skill sets of hand eye co-ordination alongside promoting health and well-being physically and mentally. 

Babel’s Blessing said, “We are thrilled that our work has been recognised and we want to use this platform to highlight the need for free and accessible English classes for migrants in London.” 

Teen Action said “We are honoured to have been chosen for a London Faith & Belief Community Award under the youth services category.  It is important to acknowledge the work faith charities do for marginalised communities, accommodating specific cultural and religious needs that national charities are often not able to tap into.” 

Made In Hackney said “Made In Hackney are delighted to win this award, and to be part of such an amazing group of people and initiatives. We have seen the enormous benefit of working and coming together during Covid-19 and we see these awards as an opportunity to celebrate everyone’s commitment to supporting their community at this time. 

Nathan Servi (Head of Education at Maccabi GB and Manager of Stand Up!) said “The team and I are so proud and excited to have been recognised in this year’s London Faith and Belief Forum Community Awards. Recieving the ‘Promoting Inclusion Award’ marks a momentous point in the project’s four year history. It has been fantastic to receive recognition for the work that we are doing and we hope that it allows us to further our work in more schools across London. The pandemic has unfortunately led to an increase in racism, xenophobia and scapegoating of minority communities, all of which shows the need for us to continue the work that we are doing and to continuously engage young people in such important and sensitive conversations. We extend our thanks to the Faith and Belief Forum for their continued support in our work.”  

Al-Madina Mosque said “Community support is at the heart of our work and throughout the pandemic we have not only supported the vulnerable but have led others in doing the same. This award is appreciated and will fuel our desire to do even more 

Burnt Oak Women’s Group said, “ we are truly thankful for this award and recognition of how hard we as volunteers are committed to our work. This will contribute towards continuing to support, create and offer opportunities, courses and events to break segregation barriers and build friendships within our local community. 

Heather Neufville, Westminster Foodbank Manager said “ it is easy to assume that Westminster is a wealthy borough and there is not a real need for Foodbanks, but this it is made up of a diverse community with many people living in poverty and making decisions on whether to eat or pay bills. This is a daily struggle for many, this pandemic has increase that number as jobs are lost or hours are reduced. 

 Rastafarian Movement UK said “During this awful COVID time Rastafari Movement UK we have stepped up to support some of the most vulnerable people across three Boroughs in London.  We have discovered “hidden” communities of those struggling with Chronic Illness, No Recourse to Public Fund, loneliness, and isolation, and digital exclusion, something that WE simply cannot ignore. This has allowed our volunteers and members to really show their love for humanity within this Pandemic which Rastafari Globally strives towards, it’s about simple Love and Kindness and a sustainable healthy future for us all. On behalf of Rastafari Movement UK and Rastafari Globally, we accept this award from the Faith and Belief Forum and hope to continue our works to strengthen and support London beyond. 


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