ParliaMentors Alumni Network

ParliaMentors is a UN award-winning leadership programme where teams of university students of different faiths and non-religious beliefs collaborate to create real social change while being mentored by MPs. 

Programme Overview

The ParliaMentors Alumni Network consists of the 600+ leaders from diverse backgrounds that have graduated from our UN award winning programme since it’s inception in 2007. ParliaMentors seeks to build a new generation of leaders that are more representative of our diverse society, and more able to collaborate across difference. The Alumni Network is the realisation of that vision.

Each member has a shared experience of working collaboratively, created social change and being mentored by an MP on ParliaMentors. However, Alumni now bring their leadership skills to a wide range of sectors across the UK and beyond:

1 Alumnus is an MP and 4 are Local Councillors

Over 45 Alumni are Civil Servants

Over 25 Alumni work for politicians or political parties

Over 20 Alumni work as journalists

Over 10 Alumni have founded their own charities or NGOs

Over 100 Alumni are leaders across sectors such as Law, Business and Finance

You can read individual stories of our Alumni’s leadership journeys here 

The Alumni Network exists facilitate continued connections between Alumni, and offer Alumni support and opportunities as they continue to create change throughout their leadership careers.

Alumni Opportunities include

  •         Invitations to key events including the Annual Alumni Dinner and Interfaith Iftar
  •         The chance to be involved in the Interfaith Summit
  •         Support with continued social action
  •         Support with Continued Professional Development, CVs and references
  •         Access to political events, locally, nationally and internationally
  •         Opportunities to advise on issues concerning young people, politics and faith
  •         Opportunities to mentor a current ParliaMentor
  •         Opportunities to support with current programme delivery; assessing, training and hosting events
  •         Opportunities to support with current programme delivery; assessing, training and hosting events

If you would like more information about the Alumni Network please contact Lauryn.Duncan-Rouse@faithbeliefforum.org

Interfaith Summit
Alumni Case Studies
Alumni Podcast

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