Alumni Committee

The ParliaMentors Alumni Committee lead the ParliaMentors Alumni Network and is comprised of Alumni from different years of the programme.

The Committee hold strategic oversight of the Alumni Network, represent 3FF locally and internationally and coordinating opportunities throughout the year from networking dinners to community iftars, professional development sessions to the Interfaith Summit. They are leading voices in the intersections between youth, faith, politics and leadership.

Meet the Committee

Co Chair

Mamataj Begum

Mamataj graduated from ParliaMentors in 2016. She is passionate about climate issues and diversity. Mamataj has worked to build an interfaith link between Mitzvah Day and Sadaqa Day and is currently part of the Civil Service Fast Stream.

Co Chair

Lizzie Teixeira

Lizzie graduated from ParliaMentors in 2017. Lizzie is interested in human rights, interfaith dialogue and peacebuilding, she speaks Arabic, supporting a number of refugee language projects and is a trained 3FF Speaker.

Juhi Verma

Juhi graduated from ParliaMentors in 2015. She is passionate about International Development and currently works as a Policy Advisor in the Department for Transport.

Cllr Hashim Bhatti

Hashim graduated from ParliaMentors in 2009. Hashim is a qualified solicitor, a leading member of the Conservative Muslim Forum and a Local Councillor for Clewer North.

Keerti Rajagopalan

Keerti graduated from ParliaMentors in 2016, where her project “Outnumber Hunger” won a number of awards. Keerti supports 3FF’s work on Faith and Media and currently runs events at Street Child

Charly Burridge Jones

Charly graduated from ParliaMentors in 2009. Charly is a professional actress. She also volunteers as a youth worker, coordinating youth programmes and supports 3FF’s Amplify project.

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