Parliamentors – Cohort 2020-21

ParliaMentors is a UN award-winning leadership programme where diverse teams of university students collaborate to create real social change while being mentored by a local MP.

The ParliaMentors taking part in the programme for 2020/21 are:


University of Birmingham

Megha Zavar

I’m from an Indian, traditionally Hindu, background. I study Liberal Arts with a major in Political Science.

Leadership experience: I’m on the committee for the Women and Non-Binary Association at my University. I am also the Equality and Diversity Officer for my Department. Off-campus, I have volunteered at various local charity events.

Leadership aspirations: I will work for organisations that uplift and empower marginalised people in a sustainable way.

University of Birmingham

Catherine Sirotkin

I am a liberal, political science student coming from a Russian-Israeli household.

Leadership experience: have taken part in Leadership programmes with organisations such as British American Business Association, discussing international politics with a senior US diplomat. I represented the University of Birmingham in Model NATO 2019, and led my own community research project with Manchester-based charity Europia.

Leadership aspirations: I would like to establish equal access to opportunity structures through youth empowerment initiatives, especially in under-represented communities.

University of Birmingham

Jasmine Rai

I am a British Punjabi from a Sikh background. I read Policy, Politics and Economics.

Leadership experience: I was the president of the Punjabi Society last year. I have also volunteered in India where I was teaching English classes in a school and an orphanage.

Leadership aspirations: I hope to work as a diplomat in the future and I therefore hope that I can use my experiences from ParliaMentors to create a positive change in the UK’s foreign policy.

University of Birmingham

Cameron Chastanet-Hird

I am a Christian woman, from St Lucia, Barbados and Jamaica; I study Sociology and Social Policy.

Leadership experience: I am currently the Secretary for The Caribbean Union student society, where I have focused my time on outreach and creating a UK wide student conference centred around encouraging Caribbean students to apply to University.

Leadership aspirations: My dream is to work within policymaking for the Department of Education; working on tackling educational inequality.

University of Birmingham

Faye Huberman

I am a Jewish woman from North London studying sociology.

Leadership experience: I was the campaigns officer for the Jewish society and chair of a charity committee. I have also taken leadership roles in organising trips for children both nationally and internationally.

Leadership aspirations: I hope to continue my work in campaigns. I would like to work alongside government in social policy.

Birmingham City University

Suellen Moraes

I am a Christian born in Aracaju-Brazil and I’m currently settled in Birmingham. I am undertaking my studies in Fine Art.

Leadership experience: I have formed the first School of Art Society for my campus, which integrates art students from two different courses, and I am also Student Academic Leader for my class. I have organised a project for summer activities for 80 youth of the Church in the West Midlands.

Leadership aspirations: I want to use the transformative power of art to create pieces with the community, creating understanding and solidarity.

Birmingham City University

Talha Muhammad Ikhlaq

I’m a British Muslim from the Black Country, currently studying law.

Leadership experience: I served as Vice President of the Law Society at Birmingham City University and have volunteered with many charities and organisations. From giving advice to distressed members of the public at the Citizens Advice Bureau, to campaigning with prospective parliamentary candidates in general elections.

Leadership aspirations: I want to provide a voice to the defenceless, policy reform for the restless and lasting social cohesion for all those left feeling disenfranchised.

Birmingham City University

Shaun Allen-Dooley

I’m a teacher living and working in Birmingham. I am studying Education and agnostic.

Leadership experience: I’m a subject leader for computing in my school and I have helped children in my class to engage in social action projects in their community.

Leadership aspirations:   I am interested in working with others to make positive changes in our communities particularly through education.


Birmingham City University

Roxanne Amihrere

I am a Christian my mantra is Jeremiah 29:11 that God always has a future and hope for us. I am from London and studying law at the postgraduate stage. .

Leadership experience: I am currently the Vice President of the African Student Society giving students the chance to shadow and intern with reputable chambers, firms and legal establishments.

Leadership aspirations: In the future I plan to work with the UN and NGO’s to empower and motivate young and underserved women.

SOAS, University of London

Fatima Jama

I am Muslim and I am studying for an MA in Social Anthropology of Development.

Leadership experience: I am currently a part-time student representative at SOAS, and I have previously held the following leadership positions; client involvement lead at the St Mungo’s North London Women’s Project (NLWP), domestic abuse lead at NLWP, and ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Leadership aspirations: I would like to use my anthropological knowledge/ethnographic skills to improve experiences of adult users of homeless and mental health services.

SOAS, University of London

Chifaa Khelfaoui

I’m a British-Algerian Muslim studying for a BSc in Management.

Leadership experience: I have fundraised for the Love Palestine appeal which supports the distribution of nutritious food parcels in Palestinian refugee camps. I am also a member of the Youth Board at the Almeida theatre.

Leadership aspirations: I would like to start a social enterprise that provides employability skills and opportunities for marginalised communities.

SOAS, University of London

Garishan Ravishankar

I am a Hindu from Canada and I study law.

Leadership experience:  I am the Treasurer and spokesperson for model UN at SOAS. I have also founded a mental health NGO while at university and am the President of the YOSI collective.

Leadership aspirations: I want to make changes within the wage gap, particularly relating to gender, ethnicity and people with recent immigration history.

SOAS, University of London

Adam Fudala

I am a Polish atheist who grew up surrounded by the Catholic faith. I study International Relations and History.

Leadership experience: I am currently Under-Secretary-General of LIMUN. I run the UN Society and Polish Society at SOAS, as President and Vice-President respectively.

Leadership aspirations: I will work for the UN or UNESCO to develop an educational scheme that includes a wide variety of voices and perspectives.

SOAS, University of London

Meredith Winter

I study Development Studies and Arabic and adhere to the Celtic spiritual system.

Leadership experience: I am a founding president of my university’s Social Mobility Society and have held responsibility for researching development in Gaza at a museum.

Leadership aspirations: I want to work around development and conflict, focusing on the Middle East, either through human rights law or politics.

Queen Mary, University of London

Nadar Abdi

I am a Muslim Somali originally from the Netherlands and I study History .

Leadership experience:  I am on the Youth Advisory Board for Partnership for Young London, currently campaigning for the mayoral election in 2021. I also work with Public Health of England and other organisations on how to aide young people in life after COVID-19.

Leadership aspirations: I will work in the civil service and be heavily involved in working as a team to support the government by implementing their policies to the wider society. Similarly, i want to create a great working relationship with different beliefs and religions.

Queen Mary, University of London

Sahil Karra

I come from a mixed religious background, including Christianity, Sikhism and Hinduism, I study Politics and International Relations.

Leadership experience: I led my regional youth board and delivered a project to raise attention for the homeless, which was observed in local news and commended by mayoral candidates and the MP. I’ve worked with the Labour Party, UK Youth Parliament, the Young People’s Parliament, the League of Young Voters. Locally, I’ve spearheaded widening participation programs.

Leadership aspirations: I aspire to be a diplomat focussing on social justice and human rights issues, and facilitating sustainable international development.

Queen Mary, University of London

Mary Cousins

I am an agnostic woman from Northern Ireland (raised Christian), studying International Relations.

Leadership experience: I was a prefect, and on the charity committee in school; I have also been a long-term volunteer in my local Foodbank. On campus, I have helped to organise events for the sustainability group.

Leadership aspirations: I would love to build more community cohesion in Northern Ireland, so that we can overcome old prejudices and focus on our share future.

Queen Mary, University of London

Mashiyath Qurashy

I am a Muslim women studying Politics and International Relations.

Leadership experience: I am currently the president of the Feminist Society and BAME Officer at my university’s Labour Society. This year I have also took part in Amnesty International’s Rise Up Campaign in order to run my own campaign.

Leadership aspirations:  I would love to work for a human rights organisation, and work directly with communities to ensure a safer and fairer world.

Queen Mary, University of London

Subhecha Gurung

I am a Nepalese women who grew up in a Buddhist/Hindu household. I study Law and Politics.

Leadership experience: I have taken on a leadership role in the university legal advice centre. I was the deputy head of my school’s charity committee. We held many events to raise money and awareness for national and international charities.

Leadership aspirations: In the future I would like to work as a solicitor in the public law sector to better the experience of the British public.

University of Nottingham

Joanna Xingyu Chen

I am a Buddhist originally from Hong Kong and I study Politics and international relations.

Leadership experience: I led fundraising events and was the leader of the cohort during my placements working in NGOs.

Leadership aspirations: If I am to continue pursuing a career in politics I would aspire to work in an embassy on China-Africa foreign policy.

University of Nottingham

Jupleen Bains

I am from a Sikh family and I study Politics and American Studies.

Leadership experience: I am involved in charity work to help the community, particularly through Amnesty International and through the Sikh community.

Leadership aspirations: In the future I would like to work in political campaigns around the world.

University of Nottingham

Kayan Dave

I am Hindu and studying Contemporary Chinese Studies with International Relations.

Leadership experience:  I’ve been a lifelong volunteer. Aiding health staff at King’s College Hospital, assisting at a local SEN school and presenting seminars at the BAPS Neasden Temple as a Youth Leader are some of my volunteering experiences.

Leadership aspirations: I hope to join the newly formed Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office as a Diplomat. The opportunity shall truly allow me to assist within the global work the Civil Service do.

University of Nottingham

Ayo Mabadeje

I am a Christian, born and raised in South-East London, and I study Politics and Economics.

Leadership experience: I am the Client Relations Manager at CodeX of Enactus Nottingham, who won the Outstanding Civic Contributions Award at the University of Nottingham. I am part of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group. At my secondary school and  I was the President of Law & Politics Society.

Leadership aspirations:  My goal is to diversify the corporate workforce by enabling both education and accessibility for ethnic minorities, particularly the Black community, in accessing more opportunities in the corporate field.

University of Nottingham

Maria Naveed

I am Muslim woman studying Law. I was born in Pakistan and I immigrated to the UK when I was eleven.

Leadership experience: I am currently co-head of a project called ‘Unbarred’ (organised by the Pro Bono society at my university) which involves conducting workshops for the inmates, giving them hope about their future outside prison.

Leadership aspirations: I want to become a human rights lawyer so I can become the voice of the voiceless. I will use this programme to expand my skills in supporting others.

Nottingham Trent University

Kieran Burt

I study Politics and International Relations, I am a Conservative and an atheist.

Leadership experience:  within the student parliament for Nottingham Trent University, helping to organise events such as a hustings during the general election. During NCS I helped to repaint my local youth centre, fundraising the money for materials ourselves.

Leadership aspirations: I want to be elected as a politician and will have a focus on immigration and healthcare reform.

Nottingham Trent University

Bethany Palmer

I am from a non-religious family but I believe in Islam. I study International Relations.

Leadership experience: I was the team leader for my Map the System research project that focused on faith prevalence and interfaith cooperation within Nottingham Trent University.

Leadership aspirations: I want to help promote understanding and acceptance between different groups of people within society to develop a more cohesive society to live in where people feel safe to be themselves.

Nottingham Trent University

Masimba Mumvanga

I am a Zimbabwean, a Christian and a Politics and International Relations Student.

Leadership experience: I was chair of the student council, a prefect, and ambassador for internet safety. At College, I was a tutor representative for my two years there. At University, I’m a leading committee member of the Economics, Finance & Investment Society .

Leadership aspirations: I aspire to potentially work on improving social mobility and helping individuals reach previously unattainable goals while pursuing a corporate career.

Nottingham Trent University

Bailey-Renique Dawkins

I am a Pentecostal Christian and I am studying Politics and International Relations with Spanish .

Leadership experience: Whilst at university I have founded a company and managed staff and given opportunities to those without work histories. I have also had an internship at Clifford Chance LLP

Leadership aspirations:  I aim to establish series of rehabilitation centres for people that have found themselves in crime and without a clear path out.

Nottingham Trent University

Parham Razaeipour

I am Persian-Iranian Christian and now live in the UK and study Project Management..

Leadership experience: I am the President of ‘Hope for Justice’ society and Academic Representative for undergraduate and postgraduate students. I organise events to engage students and raise awareness about different communities and create a better experience for students.

Leadership aspirations: As a project manager I want to deliver sustainable infrastructures, including renewable energy and education. Working with the UK Government or United Nations to protect our planet. voices.

University of Liverpool

Emma Hobson-White

I am a non-religious student from a multi-faith family. I study Architecture,.

Leadership experience: I am currently an International Experience Advocate. Previously I have been highly involved in several societies such as Student Action for Refugees, and have partaken in various projects with Mind charity and SAVE Britain’s Heritage.

Leadership aspirations: In the future, I would like to work for the Civil Service and promote community cohesion between different faiths and cultures.

University of Liverpool

Imogen Martin

I am an atheist British student that studies Sociology and History.

Leadership experience: I have taken leadership roles in previous employment which involved training new employees and maintaining efficiency within the workplace.

Leadership aspirations: I have career aspirations to work within local or national councils and impact public policies surrounding education and social services for children to improve their quality of life and future opportunities.

University of Liverpool

Rory Mossveld

I grew up in Canada in a Catholic household. I study History and Politics.

Leadership experience:  I am part of the Diversity and Equality committee for my department in university. I have also previously volunteered in my local area at my local hospital.

Leadership aspirations: I will go into politics after university and would like to be an MP. My aspiration is to bring society closer together and help create lasting change to improve people’s lives.

University of Liverpool

Sophia Zara Bokhari

I study Philosophy and Politics. I am a Shia Muslim and come from a Muslim family which includes people of both Shia and Sunni beliefs.

Leadership experience: I I was a peer mentor for 1st year students at university. In this role I would try to give advice and help where possible to facilitate the transition from school to university for the new students. Additionally, I have been working at a GP practise where most recently I was involved in a pro-vaccination campaign.

Leadership aspirations:  I want to improve education policy particularly creating a curriculum that enables students to engage with difference in a positive way and empowers them to challenge intolerance.

University of Liverpool

Elizabeth Hay

I study international politics and policy and criminology, and am mixed  race from a Christian background.

Leadership experience: I am a member of the Afro-Caribbean society, and the help the homeless society at University.

Leadership aspirations: In the future I hope to make real changes in society and help implement and research policies focused on the involvement of young people into politics – and the relationship between socio-economic factors and political participation.

Coventry University

Adam Khan

I am studying History and Politics. My background is influenced by my disabilities, coming from an underclass and care leaver background as well as experiencing homelessness.

Leadership experience: I have been President of Coventry University LGBTQIA+ Society, Coventry University Disabled Students’ Officer, Steering Committee for NUS Liberation Conference and  Trustee of three Pride organisations.

Leadership aspirations: I aspire to create solidarity between marginalised groups and support grassroots movements for change,

Coventry University

James Hughes

I  study International Relations. I live locally to the University and I am agnostic.

Leadership experience: I was elected Parish Councillor for the village I live in. Other roles include student leadership, chairty trustee and managerial roles.

Leadership aspirations: My real passion is supporting young people to get involved in their communities. I will continue to be involved in local politics and encourage more ownership of local areas by local people.

Coventry University

Hooda Beik

I am a Muslim studying Law at Coventry University

Leadership experience: In my first year of university I secured a role as an NCS team leader. This role involved leading 13 young persons across the three week programme. At university I led debates in the Politics Society.

Leadership aspirations: I will lead campaigns to improve support for homeless people and raise awareness of issues of inequality and racism across the UK.

Coventry University

Bailey Watt

I come from a Christian family and I study History at Coventry.

Leadership experience:  I have worked as a leader in a Church based organisation called Hope Community Project which works with vulnerable families to provide them with free meals and activities during the summer holidays .

Leadership aspirations:  I will create change across society by improving access to opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

Coventry University

Adhish Rajinish Wali

I am a Hindu from Bidar, INDIA. I am pursuing BEng Computer Hardware & Software.

Leadership experience: I am the Education Officer for School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics . During Covid-19 pandemic, I have volunteered to help the needy by providing them with basic food essentials.

Leadership aspirations: My dream is to launch an innovative IT product which could help the lives of people throughout the world.

University of Manchester

Thomas Pottrill

I am an atheist, studying Politics, Philosophy & Economics.

Leadership experience: rior to university, I was secretary of my local Labour Party branch, as well as an elected delegate to the General and Executive & Campaign Committees of the Constituency Labour Party.

Leadership aspirations:  My key future aspiration would be to represent my community at a local or national level, as either a Councillor or a Member of Parliament.

University of Manchester

Samia Akhtar

I’m a Muslim and I study Law.

Leadership experience: I am a Group Scout Leader at my local Scout group. I have held this position for 2 years now. I have also volunteered at various organisations, such as Citizens Advice Bureau and IntoUniversity.

Leadership aspirations: I would like to become a Solicitor, specialising in the field of Human Rights.

University of Manchester

Miray Saad

I am an Egyptian-Canadian Coptic Orthodox Christian raised in the Middle East studying Law.

Leadership experience:  I am a student representative in my faculty, I am also a leader in my local scout organisation was the head of Junior Model United Nations.

Leadership aspirations:  I will work in the legal sector and use that position over my career to support those in need of human rights protection internationally.

University of Manchester

Natalia Grabowska

I am a Polish student brought up in a Catholic household, studying Politics and International Relations.

Leadership experience: I have been Vice President of Polish Society leading the Society’s biggest project up-to-date. I have also promoted wellbeing campaign on campus and served as mentor to students.

Leadership aspirations:  I would like to become a campaigner advocating for more effective measures regarding homelessness on local as well as national scale.

University of Manchester

Juno Ellison

I’m an atheist Irish student studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Leadership experience: I was Head Girl of my school and will be a peer mentor this coming year. I also volunteer working for the ‘No More Silence’ activism centre.

Leadership aspirations: My mixed Irish and British identity and love of politics has inspired me to explore the future political relationship between Ireland and the UK post Brexit.

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