Parliamentors – Cohort 2021-22

ParliaMentors is a UN award-winning leadership programme where diverse teams of university students collaborate to create real social change while being mentored by a local MP.

The ParliaMentors taking part in the programme for 2021/22 are:


Birmingham City University

Olga Krzyszton

I am a postgraduate law student on the Legal Practice Course at Birmingham City University. I was raised a Catholic but I am an Atheist.

Leadership experience: I was a Student Academic Leader during my previous course – Postgraduate Diploma Law.

Leadership aspirations: I would like to provide legal advise and representation to the disadvantaged. I am also particularly interested in helping female victims of abuse, whether they are survivors of domestic abuse or seeking refuge.


Birmingham City University

Angelina Obas

I am a Seventh Day Adventist Christian from the Turks and Caicos Islands studying Law.

Leadership experience:  I was the Inclusion and Diversity Officer of the African Student Society at university from November 2019 to July 2021.  I organised network event for students, which brought campus and the local community closer together.
Leadership aspirations: I aspire to be a barrister, and am open to explore different areas of law. I want my life and career to be meaningful and of benefit to my community.


Birmingham City University

Aquib Majid

I am a Muslim, currently studying on the LLB (Hons) programme.
Leadership experience: I have been volunteering to provide those who have been deeply affected by Covid-19 with food packages and to support their physical and mental wellbeing.

Leadership aspirations: My main aspiration is to work as a member of Parliament and voice my opinion and stand up for what I believe in as well as representing the voice of my constituency and implementing real change for the issues that people feel strongly about, such as mental health.


Birmingham City University

Halimat Raheem

I am a black British Muslim woman from London studying Law with criminology.

Leadership experience: I was head girl and head of communications during my time with the national citizenship service on the youth board for Lambeth, Southwark and Croydon. My team and I planned a successful event with a focus on youth and mental health.

Leadership aspirations:  I am an aspiring barrister, with ambitions to enter the government and have influence in the UN. My overall aim is to lead the socio-economic development of Africa, specifically Nigeria.


Coventry University

Esther Taiwo

I am a Christian currently studying Biomedical science at University.
Leadership experience: I was the Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Coventry University Investment society. I organized a fundraiser and raised over £590 for two charities. I am also a part of the What Uni Student Advisory Board.

Leadership aspirations: I’d like to set up charities for families and children from disadvantaged backgrounds or with less access to the support they need to live a better quality of life. I also have a keen interest in business, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Coventry University

Enobong David-Etesin

I am a Christian studying Biomedical Science and I am Nigerian.
Leadership experience: I have served as the Head Girl at school, and an active member of the GLP international experience and leadership programme at university.

Leadership aspirations: I am keen on contributing to positive change that remarkably improves the lives of individuals and families in my immediate community, with the aspiration of adapting and expanding positive change to improve the lives of individuals and families in my home country.


Coventry University

Petra Pusztai

I am a Hungarian non-religious student who grew up surrounded by Catholicism and I study International Relations.

Leadership experience: I was the Corporate Relations Executive and Inclusion Officer for Enactus Coventry, which allowed me to organise events through our social action projects. I am also an international student ambassador at my university.

Leadership aspirations: I’d like to work for the Civil Service and promote the importance of sustainability while encouraging youth participation in social, economic, and political issues.


Coventry University

Zainab Bhamani

I am a Muslim studying Law at Coventry and I was born in London.

Leadership experience: I was an active participant in teaching a Saturday school at my mosque as well as having organised and ran several charity events including a sponsored skydive and organising my form in our G-Nation charity event.

Leadership aspirations: In the future I plan to work with the UN and NGO’s to empower and motivate young and underserved women.


Coventry University

Adam Shanahan

I’m Adam, a spiritual seeker born and raised in Coventry. I’m studying Games Technology.

Leadership experience:  I am the teams facilitator of my local cohort for a social, political and environmental movement called the Green New Deal.

Leadership aspirations: I aspire to create a socio-political computer game that revolves around politics and humanity, and which gets players to think about how to improve the conditions of the world.


SOAS, University of London

Dev Patel

I am a practicing Hindu and am currently studying Law at SOAS.
Leadership experience:
I have been on the Executive Production Team in the BAPS Youth Forum based in the Neasden temple.
Leadership aspirations: I am passionate about the law and particularly how it impacts different sub-sections of society though government policy.


SOAS, University of London

Mariya Nasir

I am an Ahmadi Muslim student, reading law at SOAS University of London.

Leadership experience: I am a committee member for my university’s first social mobility society. Aside from this, I volunteer for the local community in my free time.

Leadership aspirations: In a world where the likelihood of success and opportunity is determined by social class, I would like to make a difference in changing this.


SOAS, University of London

Seher Altaf

I am a South Asian Muslim woman from London studying Law.

Leadership experience:  I have been involved in several charitable projects in my community, such as drop in centres for the homeless and churches, as well as taking on the role of Senior prefect in my Sixth form and school in which I organised various events including charity.

Leadership aspirations: I aspire to work in the field of humanitarian, public as well as commercial law as a solicitor. I would love to work for an NGO one day too.


SOAS, University of London

Benjamin ten Tusscher

I’m from a mixed European family, I live in London and study International Relations.
Leadership Experience: I worked for an NGO dealing with children, and was responsible for ensuring their educational and material needs.
Leadership Aspirations: I would like to work for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or within the UN, focusing on security.

SOAS, University of London

Lucy Downes

I am atheist and studying BSc Economics.
Leadership Experience: I am President of Pride@SOAS. I am also an Economics Peer Mentor advising 12 first year Economics students, as well as a LGBTQ+ Mentor for two LGBTQ+ students providing social, welfare and academic support. I am Treasurer for the London Young Greens and was PPC for the Hertford and Stortford constituency in 2019.
Leadership Aspirations: I wish to further ESG achievements in the corporate sector and in society. Equally, I fervently believe in increasing women’s involvement in politics.

Queen Mary, University of London

Inayah Oosman

I am a Muslim Environmental Science student currently studying in London.

Leadership experience:

As the Charity Officer for The Feminist Society I’ve had experience planning events such as fundraisers with charities like Women’s Aid.

Leadership aspirations:

I aspire to work in the field of renewable energy. I hope to develop a new, clean resource which can be implemented in less economically developed countries.


Queen Mary, University of London

Melanie Aluth Bandarage

I am from a Buddhist Sri Lankan family, and I was born in London. I study Economics.

Leadership experience: During sixth form, I held the position of Head of Ecology . Currently, I am the Head of Communications of the Queen Mary Banking and Finance society. I was selected as a HerCapital Associate this year by SEO London.

Leadership aspirations: I have an interest in Public Policy, as well as Finance. I hope to mentor and give guidance related to careers, education, confidence to the generation ahead of me once in a position of leadership.


Queen Mary, University of London

Sofia Loemba

I am a Christian originally from Portugal and I study Politics with International Relations.

Leadership experience: I am the Feminist Society’s Welfare Officer and I was Head Girl and President of the Feminist society in my local Sixth Form which allowed me to represent the diverse student body.
Leadership aspirations: My goal is to become a member of Parliament, represent and give unheard individuals a platform with no hidden agenda of my own meanwhile having integrity.


Queen Mary, University of London

Shatta Bhowmick

I am a Bangladeshi Hindu and I study Biomedical Sciences. I was born and raised in Italy and have been living in London for 8 years.

Leadership experience: I am the Vice President of QM Hindu Society and Cultural Advisor of QM Indian Society which allows me to share my knowledge with anyone that is willing to gain a deeper understanding of their roots. I am also a Tutor.
Leadership aspirations: I aspire to develop my own NGO for Bangladeshi Hindus and raise awareness about minority religious groups in Bangladesh.


Queen Mary, University of London

Farrah Farnejad

I come from an Iranian background and am a third-year student reading Global Health.

Leadership experience: I am on my university Anti-Racism committee, the campaign lead for an obesity project at my university’s Public Health society, the co-president for a mental wellbeing society at my university. I have also volunteered with teenagers with disabilities in my local area, and was a part of a mission trip to help school students in Uganda.

Leadership aspirations: I aspire to work with IGOs and NGOs and to work against social injustice and on projects that benefit communities.


University of Nottingham

Owen Riley

I come from a non-religious family but became a Christian when I was 15. I am studying Politics and International Relations.

Leadership experience: I organised several projects for a community fundraiser which raised £1500 for charities in Ethiopia. At university, I have become a Course Representative and the Vice-President of the Debating Union.

Leadership aspirations: I would like to pursue a career in local/national politics, which may involve working with different NGOs focussed on Development/Aid.


University of Nottingham

Jatinder Hayre

I am from a humanist background, and I study Medicine.
Leadership experience: I’m on the executive committee of The Young Fabian Health Network. I pushed for the creation of an East Midlands branch of the Social Health Association. I co-authored ‘SAGE Report 21: COVID-19 and Health Inequality’ and am a national spokesperson for Keep Our NHS Public.

Leadership Aspirations: My aspiration is to work within public health. I would like to campaign on issues pertaining to health and social inequity and protecting our public services.


University of Nottingham

Naeemah Kola

I am a Muslim woman studying Economics.

Leadership experience:  I am currently an ambassador for an International Humanitarian Aid project known as Charity Week, and am currently on the Islamic Society Committee.

Leadership aspirations: I aspire to use my education to make a difference with my career. I would like to work for the public sector within Economics.


University of Nottingham

Benny Daniels

I’m from a Masorti Jewish family. I study philosophy, politics and economics.
Leadership experience: I have led Jewish summer camps and volunteered as a tutor on an asylum-seeker programme. During the pandemic, I took a job on the NHS frontline in Northwest London.

Leadership aspirations:  I’m interested in asylum seeker and refuge aid in the UK alongside climate justice issues. I hope to develop this into a career in the NGO sector to make both widespread and local change.


University of Nottingham

Abishek Kengeswaran

I am a Hindu Tamil studying Economics.
Leadership experience: I am a co-director of the research division within the Nottingham Economics and Finance Society. I was also first year course representative.

Leadership aspirations:  I am keen to develop policies that will enable those less fortunate to gain the skills required to achieve their own ambitions. This might be through a wider political career, though, I am also interested in focussing on economic policy.


Nottingham Trent University

Haleema Saqhawat

I am a British Muslim of Kashmiri descent, and I am currently studying Linguistics.
Leadership experience:
I am the founder of The Cardiac Cosmonaut, a non-profit that aims to raise awareness of Congenital Heart Diseases and Child Loss. I am also the founder of Untold Stories, a project that creates safe spaces for the voices of female Muslim students.
Leadership aspirations: I am passionate about seeking opportunities that actively challenge racism and discrimination, particularly those that focus on creating change in the stereotypical representation of Muslim women.

Nottingham Trent University

Nick Pardhanani Khatnani

I am an Atheist with a Spanish background. I study Law (LLB) at Nottingham Trent University.
Leadership experience:  I have been elected to be treasurer and vice president of the Labour society at Nottingham Trent University. In high school I was elected to the student council as a prefect and have headed up several charity teams.
Leadership aspirations: I aspire to practice as a human rights barrister to aid as many people as possible within my profession.  Eventually, I would also like to enter the world of politics and drive progressive change.

Nottingham Trent University

Jessica Persell

I am an Orthodox Jew from Essex, now living in Hertfordshire. I study Global Studies and International Relations.
Leadership experience: I have just finished my position as President of the Jewish Society . I am currently an NTU Faith Ambassador. I have also interned with Tzedek, a humanitarian organisation that looks at ways to alleviate poverty.
Leadership aspirations: I aim to make social change within the political arena and advocate for those who cannot do so themselves.

Nottingham Trent University

Rasha Talkhani

I am an Indian Muslim who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. I am currently pursuing a masters in Marketing and Brand Management.
Leadership Experience: I’m the course representative and was art director for student-led short films in undergrad. I was the President of Toastmaster’s Youth Leadership Program.
Leadership Aspirations: I am concerned about the threat to Freedom of Press and am concerned about how media can be manipulated and also how marketing can be used to help others. I would like to help reduce the risks faced by journalists.

Nottingham Trent University

Fernando de Abreu

I am a from a Christian background. I am starting my Master’s degree in Human Rights and Justice at Nottingham Trent University.

Leadership experience:  Before coming to the UK I worked at the Portuguese Air Force, where I had leadership training and had to lead several colleagues and missions.

At NTU, I have been president of the Portuguese Society.

Leadership aspirations: I aim to work in international Organisations like the United Nations, so that I can help those who do not have the same opportunities in life as myself.


University of Liverpool

Pritpal Bhambra

I am a Sikh student in my first year studying Law with a Year Abroad.
Leadership experience: I am currently the new President of the Advocacy Society and Sikh Society for the next academic year.

Leadership aspirations: I aspire to become a barrister and advocate at the forefront for those in need. I am currently interested in the area of Human Rights Law and have been actively trying to raise awareness on current issues such as the Kisaan Protest and Uyghur Muslims.


University of Liverpool

Bianca- Elena Rusu

I am a Christian Orthodox studying International Politics at the University of Liverpool.

Leadership experience: I am currently a treasurer for the Romanian Society at the university, where I work with a dynamic team of students to organize events, workshops, and activities that aim to promote the Romanian culture and tradition in the University community.

Leadership aspirations: I have a strong passion for foreign policy and international relations.


University of Liverpool

Ashley Dempsey

I define my faith as spiritual. I am originally from Liverpool and I am transferring to a Law LLB degree from September 2021.

Leadership experience: I am currently engaged in a mentoring scheme where I engage with mentees, assisting them with sustainable reintegration into the community following incarceration. I am also a student ambassador for the University of Liverpool.

Leadership aspirations: I aspire to work in human rights in the legal field. My primary interest is the interests of those who have experienced adversity in their lives.


University of Liverpool

Bryony Lainton

I work in Marketing Communications and study International Business MSc at University of Liverpool. I am an atheist.

Leadership experience: I am Course Representative, Publishing Chair for the Liverpool Guild Student Media, Secretary of Book Society and Social Media Secretary of Student Action for Refugees. Externally, I am a Student Trustee for the Liverpool Guild of Students, Marketing Co-Director for Enactus Liverpool, a Movement to Work Youth Ambassador, Ambassador for People Against Poverty and a webmaster and author for ClimaTalk.

Leadership aspirations: I would like to work in international relations with a focus on improving poverty levels through adequate education and equality & diversity regulation.


University of Liverpool

Arun Bawa

I am a Punjabi Hindu student from the West Midlands studying Dentistry at Liverpool.

Leadership experience: I founded and was the president for Ethnic Minorities in Dentistry society as well as Systemic disease and oral health society at my university.
Leadership aspirations: I would like to continue to volunteer my time in promoting widening participation for Dentistry and Medicine for minority students from all backgrounds. I would like to lobby for change that will benefit society in terms of accessibility to healthcare.


University of Manchester

Emen Hussain

I am a Muslim from Manchester who is currently studying Theology.
Leadership experience:
I co-founded my high school’s Debate Club, host weekly mentoring sessions with first year students  and have been an active Student Representative  for over six years. I am also a Co-op Member Pioneer, which allows me to support local communities and groups through the Cooperative platform.

Leadership aspirations:  I have aspirations to remain in academia while pursuing  politics to improve people’s lives and transform communities.


University of Manchester

Katie Spence

I am from a Protestant (Presbyterian) background, originally from Northern Ireland. I am currently studying Biology with Science and Society.

Leadership experience: In my previous school, I was deputy head girl. I lead the School Council, Debating Society and the CCF RAF section.

Leadership aspirations: I love the intersection between biology, the environment and politics, and would love a career advising the government on biology and environmental policy issues. I have been inspired by the work of the SAGE over the course of the pandemic.


University of Manchester

Thomas Blake

I am a Humanist studying philosophy with a particular focus on practical ethics.
Leadership experience: I am the President of the Effective Altruism Manchester society, organising a range of community/charity events. I also mentor first year philosophy students.
Leadership aspirations: I am hoping to combat short-termism in politics through a career in policy development. Locally, I am interested in reducing regional inequality and support greater fiscal devolution to local councils- particularly in areas like Manchester.

University of Manchester

Yasmin Addam

I am a Lebanese Muslim, raised in Qatar for most of my life. I am studying Law and Politics. Leadership experience: I am a strategy coordinator for Next Step, which assists the needs of homeless people sustainably. I am also involved in the Law Pro Bono Society, in which I work with the On the Out charity to make refugees and asylum seekers aware of their rights.
Leadership aspirations:
I aspire to establish a career in the legal and governmental field, with the aim of influencing administrative policies to address systematic social issues.

University of Manchester

Olivia Mitchell-Bent

I am a third year PPE student at the University of Manchester and I am from a Christian, Caribbean family.
Leadership experience:
I have been an active member and social media officer for my university’s ACS. I also have years of experience in History, Spanish and Maths mentoring. Outside of academia, I am an Events Manager.
Leadership aspirations:
I aspire to work in the field of international development and would love to work for the UN one day.

University of Birmingham

Sasha Cohen

I am from a mixed Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jewish background. I am studying Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences and I am from London.
Leadership experience: Within my community I am a leader of a religious Jewish residential youth camp. I am also Social Action and Interfaith representative for the University of Birmingham’s Jewish Society.
Leadership aspirations:
I aspire to become a Civil Servant, or work within the field of social research to create positive and impactful change.

University of Birmingham

Arjan Dhaliwal

I am Sikh and I am currently studying International Relations.
Leadership experience: I am a Lead Student Representative for first-year undergraduates, Co-Leader for InterVol Birmingham and a Lead Organiser for the Sikh Society at the University of Birmingham.
Leadership aspirations
: I want to contribute to large-scale meaningful change in order to improve the livelihoods of many, both domestically and abroad. My career aspirations include working for the United Nations.

University of Birmingham

Nishaat Annum

I am a Muslim student from Sheffield, and I study Political Science and Sociology.
Leadership experience: I am a GCSE and A-level tutor and currently as a Tutor Representative. I have also taken part in the Women in Politics Society organising various events.
Leadership aspirations:
I hope to work with local governments and charities to reduce social inequality, improve social mobility, and build community relations.

University of Birmingham

Serabi Opiyo

I am a Christian woman, born and raised in Kenya and I study Policy, Politics, and Economics.
Leadership experience: I am currently the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic student trustee for the University of Birmingham’s student union. Previously, I was a first-year student representative for students in my department. I have also volunteered to help raise money for various local and international charities.
Leadership aspirations: I hope to work and promote sustainable socio-economic development in vulnerable communities, through policy analysis and implementation.

University of Birmingham

Oliver Sultan

I’m a Jewish student studying Politics and International Relations.
Leadership experience: I am currently chairman of the Jewish society at the University of Birmingham. Additionally I served as the National Vice President of BBYO UK and Ireland helping to involve Jewish teens in community life.
Leadership aspirations: I have a passion for politics with ambitions to help my local community by breaking down social barriers that create rifts in society.

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