The Art of Asking

Skills for Dialogue and Communications – Workshop 2

Why do some questions get one-word answers, while others can be spring-boards for deeper discussion? Using “video encounters” and F&BF’s “ASKeR” process, students explore how to ask questions about faiths and beliefs more sensitively, confidently and effectively. We’ll look at some real-life tricky questions, and learn how to get the best from future interfaith encounters.

Through this workshop students will:

  • Understand how language can be helpful or unhelpful for creating positive relations between people of different beliefs
  • Practise communication tools enabling them to ask and answer questions about sensitive topics confidently and effectively
  • Deconstruct common assumptions and stereotypes around belief, culture and identity through “video encounters” with F&BF speakers

This is a companion workshop to “The Art of Empathy”

Suitable for: Year 7-13

Student number: 12-30

Materials required: Computer, projector and speakers

Session length: 50-70 mins (ideally 60)

The value of delivery of each day of F&BF workshops is £600. However, our funding allows us to offer discounts and grants to schools in London and West Midlands.

We allocate our grants on a first-come-first-served basis to any school:

In London and West Midlands these grants allow us to deliver up to six workshops per term at a school without any cost other than a small admin fee (£50 per delivery day).

For schools outside of London and West Midlands we have a limited number of similar grants plus additional travel costs for the necessary F&BF team members from London or West Midlands.

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Send us your preferred dates using the link below. For any questions about our workshops, please contact us.

Phone: +44 (0) 207 485 1390

For general and Greater London enquiries, please contact Alyaa. For Birmingham and Midlands enquiries, please contact Jaishree.

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