Skills for Dialogue

Questions of belief and personal identity have never been more complex for young people. F&BF has created a suite of online resources to support RE/Humanities/PSHE teaching in the classroom.

Programme Overview

Questions of belief and personal identity have never been more complex for young people. The ease with which people can connect and access a huge range of influences and influencers, combined with the massive cultural diversity found in the UK, means that young people need well-honed skills and confidence to navigate this terrain.    

These resources align with the worldviews approach to the teaching of RE, as laid out in the Commission on Religious Education’s report ‘Religion and Worldviews: The Way Forward. A national plan for RE’. In our experience, RE is the right place in the curriculum for students to develop the critical skills to engage with difference through exploring the students’ lived experiences and dialogue.  Our resources are also being used in the teaching of RSE, Citizenship and PSHE.  Please see our curriculum mapping page for more details.

We took the decision to develop resources to support teachers (both subject specialists and critically, non-subject specialists) to navigate the complexities of identity and controversial issues that come with humanities/RE teaching at KS3, where the subject is mandatory. We have the expertise to provide teachers with this content and have designed the plans to be easy to follow for non-specialist teachers.  

We believe there is a real gap in the market for free, high-quality resources which speak to, and grow out of skills-based teaching of Religion in the curriculum and we have seen first-hand the positive impact this style of learning has on young people. Where we deliver many in-person programmes, such as our School Linking, Encountering Faith and Belief workshops and teacher training, our online packages give teachers the tools to take our methodologies into their own classes and work with their students without external facilitation needed.    

Schools accessing these lessons, enable F&BF as a not-for-profit organisation to reach more students and upskill teachers, and we are excited about the prospect of them being embedded in school curriculums and a whole-school approach offer.   

Finally, this unprecedented year has highlighted more than ever the need to support young people to encounter difference and learn skills of empathy and understanding to navigate a very different world. Where students have not been able to socialise, these resources support the class to go on a learning journey; setting a safe space together, exploring their own and their classmates identities and learning the key skills of dialogue and engaging with controversial issues to set them up for the future.   

To view these resources please go to the following areas of the website:

Skills for Dialogue for primary schools Skills for Dialogue for secondary schools

Skills for Dialogue is continually piloted in schools and regularly reviewed by our expert  Education Advisory Committee. 


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